10 April 2016

Prizewinning Ploughmen


We hear that this match took place at Pitbee, in the parish of Chapel of Garioch, on the 23d of March last.  Twenty-nine ploughs started: twenty-eight of which were drawn by pairs of horses, and one by a pair of oxen.  After the work was finished, and the ploughs had been removed, the Judges came on the field; and, having particularly examined every lot, adjudged the Premiums as follows, viz. :-

The first Premium, L.3 3s. and the Highland Society's Silver Medal, to Joseph Jolly, Thainston.
The second, L.2 2s. and the Highland Society's Silver Medal, to William Middleton, Netherthird.
The third, L.2 2s. to Peter Rough, Portston.
The fourth, L.1 11s. 6d, to William Allan, Freefield.
The fifth, L.1 1s. to Joseph Ord, Netherthird.
The sixth, 10s. 6d. to John Alexander, Balhagarty.

The ploughing was executed much to the satisfaction of the judges and gentlemen present, who were pleased to witness so clear an evidence of the improved state of this important part of agriculture.  After the match, the Garioch Farmer Club dined at Pitmachie, and spent the afternoon with the utmost conviviality. - Sir A. LEITH in the Chair.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 10th April 1816.

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