3 April 2016

Roup of Properties in Peterhead and New Leeds


To be Sold by public roup, within Milne's New Inn, Peterhead, on Monday 22d April, 1816, at one o'clock afternoon,

THE following SUBJECTS, part of the sequestrated estate of ALEXANDER CHEYNE, late merchant in Leith.

1st,  All and whole these HOUSES, Barns and Stables, and Ground adjoining thereto, lying in the town of Peterhead, and fronting the north harbour, as presently possessed by Alexander Sutherland, carter, John Taylor, and others.

2d, The Feu tenement of Land, and new House built thereon, lying on the south side of Peterhead, situated on the School Brae, and on the north side of the road leading from the Mineral Well, towards the Kirktown, as presently possessed by Peter Hutchinson, and John Burnet.

3d, That Small House and Feu, in the village of New Leeds, in the parish of Strichen, sometime belonging to Alexander Hepburn, thereafter to James Geddes and his spouse, and which is marked No. 27. on the plan of the village.

For particulars, apply to John Campbell, Esq. Tertins, W.S. 29 Heriot Row Edinburgh, the trustee on Cheyne's estate; Henry Lumsden, Advocate in Aberdeen; or William Gamack, Writer, Peterhead; any of whom will afford every information to intending purchasers.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 3rd April 1816.

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