17 April 2016

Nigg Ploughing Champions

On Saturday the 30th of March last, the Annual Parochial Ploughing Match in the parish of Nigg, took place in a Field on the Farm of Upper Torry.  The day being one of the best we had for some weeks, Fifteen Ploughs were on the ground by 10 o'clock A.M.  They all finished their respective tasks by half past 2 o'clock; after the Ploughs were removed from the ground, the judges minutely examined the work, and after much consideration, they declared that all the Ploughmen deserved Prizes, and that they were sorry the number was limited, and adjudged them as follows:-
First Prize to William Allan, Foreman at Upper Banchory.
The Second to George Mason, Foreman to Mrs. Reith, Loirston.
The Third to William Beattie, Servant to Charles Elmslie, Farmer, Cove.
The Fourth to John Donald, Redcraig.
The Fifth to David Walker, Servant at Upper Torry.
The Sixth to John Davidson, Kincorth; and the
Seventh to Alexander Thom, Foreman to Robert Davidson, Junr. of Balnagask.
The latter Prize, was as usual, competed for by the Ploughmen who got the first Prizes on former years.  Several of the Gentlemen present, and their friends, dined together, and spent the afternoon with much conviviality.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th April 1816.

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