20 July 2014

Building Stance on Commerce Street


To be sold by public roup, within the Lemon Tree Tavern of Aberdeen, on Thursday the 28th day of July, curt. at 6 o'clock, afternoon,

A BUILDING STANCE of Forty Feet in front, along the west side of COMMERCE STREET, extending backward to the property of the Sugar House Company, and bounded on the south by the area on which a Dwelling House was sometime ago erected by William Scott, stone cutter, together with the sheds on the stance here advertised presently possessed by Mr Watson, cooper.

The vicinity of this piece of ground to the Quay, and the small feu duty payable from it, being only £5 yearly, with a duplicand at Martin 1816, and every 21 years thereafter, in full of all casualties, render it an object to merchants and others wishing accommodation in that neighbourhood.

The Writes and articles of roup will be shewn by Mr Blaikie, Advocate in Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 20th July 1814.

Lease of Hilton quarry, Aberdeen


THE STONE QUARRY on HILLTON, as at present occupied by James Bruce, mason, is to be Let for such number of years as may be agreed upon.  The lease is to commence on  20th August next.

The quarry will be let by public roup, within the Lemon Tree Tavern, on Monday the 8th of August next at 2 o'clock P.M.

Enquiry may in the meantime be made at Mr Burnett, Belmont-street.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 20th July 1814.

13 July 2014

Sheddocksley Croft


There is to be Let, for such number of years as can be agreed upon,

THAT CROFT on SHEDDOCKSLEY, formerly possessed by the deceased Charles Crombie, consisting of about 6 acres of good arable land, well improved, in two inclosures, fenced with stone dykes. - with a good Steading of Houses.  Entry immediately, or at Martinmas next.

Any person wishing to treat for the above, may apply to Wm. Johnston, Shiprow, Aberdeen; and the ground will be shewn by the gardener at Sheddocksley.

N.B. - If a few more acres of ground should be wanted by a tenant, for the croft and houses, he can be accommodated with it.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 13th July 1814.

John Duffes, Drumblade


THOSE indebted to JAMES DUFFES, Lonehead of Drumblade, by Bill or Account, are desired to pay the same, to Alexander Duffes, at Balnoon, or John Wilson, at Mill of Forgue, Trustees of James Duffes, on or before the 16th day of July current, otherwise they will be prosecuted. - And such as have claims on said James Duffes, are desired to give them in as above, within said period, with proper vouchers of their verity, as none will afterwards be admitted.  Also the foresaid trustees, desire a meeting of James Duffes's creditors, at his house, on said 16th day of July, by 10 o'clock forenoon, as a state of his affairs will then be laid before them; and soon after said meeting, the trustees intend to make a division of his subject in their hands,

Balnoon, 2d July, 1814.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 13th July 1814.

6 July 2014

Tarland Wright Friendly Society

The Annual General Meeting of the Tarland Wright Friendly Society was held on Friday the 3d of June.  After collecting quarter pennies, and examining the funds, which were found to be in a flourishing condition, the following Office-Bearers were elected:-

JOHN MUIEL, Depute Master;
John Smith, treasurer; William Nicoll, boxmaster; William Donaldson, Alex. Esson, stewards; John Middleton, Alexander Thomson, John Clark, James Henry, John Skene, assessors; John Gauld, clerk; John Clark, officer.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 6th July 1814.

William Davidson, Kincardine o'Neil


THE BILLS granted at the ROUP of the EFFECTS of WILLIAM DAVIDSON, in Haugh-head of Kincardine o'Neil, fall due on the 16th day of July current, and are in the hands of Andrew Oldman, Merchant in Aberdeen; to whom it is expected punctual payment will be made on said day, not only of said Bills, but also of all other Debts due to the said William Davidson, to prevent expences.  And those having Claims on the said William Davidson, will lodge the same as above, by the 20th current, properly vouched, otherwise they can have no share of the produce of his effects.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 6th July 1814.

29 June 2014

Farmer Society of Deer

The General Annual Meeting of the Farmer Society of Deer was held at Cartlehaugh, June 14th, when they gave the following Premiums, viz.: on the Bulls, the first to John Thomson, Mains of Beffie, the second to James Ferguson, Esq. of Pitfour; on the Stots, the first and second to George Pirie, Baluss; on the Queys, the first to the above George Pirie, and the second to William Bruce, Mains of Pitfour; on the Horses, the first to James Ferguson, Esq. of Pitfour, and the second to Alexander Bruce, Millhill of Kinmundy.  After examining the state of their funds, which they found in a flourishing condition, they made choice of the following Office-Bearers, for the ensuing year, viz.: JOHN MILNE, Skillymarno, Preses, William Paterson, Carnichel, Vice Preses, both re-elected; John Mackie, treasurer; Alex. Webster, secretary; Alexander Bruce, George Pirie, Robert Schivas, and Alexander Gall, members of the committee; William Stephen, William Keith, and James Rickart, stewards; the officer continued.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 29th June 1814.