8 December 2019

Five Friends of Garmouth


There will be sold by public roup, at Garmouth, on Saturday the 18th day of December current, belonging to the deceased Mr. Alex. Cumming there,

ONE FIFTH PART of the Sloop called the FIVE FRIENDS of GARMOUTH, of about 55 Tons Register, conformably to Articles of Roup, which may be seen in the hands of R. Bain and P. Duff, jun. Writers in Elgin.

The whole HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; two excellent and well-tried VIOLINS; MUSIC, and other Books; with a good Milk COW; some CORN in the Straw, and all his other moveable effects, will be sold at the same time; and by that period it is requested that all having Claims against him will lodge them with the Agents; and those Indebted to him will please to pay what they owe, to prevent prosecutions.

The Roup will commence at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, and credit will be given.
Elgin, 1st December, 1819.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th December 1819.

Cotbank, Glenbervie

For an Yearly Rent, for the full period yet to run,

THE LEASE over the Possession called WESTTOWN of COTBANK, parish of Glenbervie, formerly occupied by the deceased John Kerr - comprising 8 acres of Arable, as as much Pasture Land, or thereby; besides a sufficient quantity of Moss for firing, which is attached to the Possession.  There are many comfortable Houses on the Possession; and the entry to it will be very favourable, there being four-fifths at least of the Arable Land presently in Grass.

The endurance of the principal Lease is for 19 years certain, from September last; and for the lifetime of a person to be named within that period thereafter.

The Purchaser or Tacksman will have immediate entry to both Houses and Land.

Offers will be received by, and farther particulars learned, on application to William Anderson, Writer, Stonehaven.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th December 1819.

1 December 2019

Andrew Divertie, bookseller


ANDREW DIVERTIE, Bookseller in Aberdeen, having granted a Disposition in favour of Trustees, for behoof of his Creditors, all those having Claims against the said Andrew Divertie, are requested to lodge the same with Alex. Muir, Advocate, King Street, Aberdeen; and those Indebted to him will please pay their accounts to the said A. Muir, within fourteen days from this date, to prevent prosecutions.

Mr Divertie's Stock, consisting of a choice selection of Books and Stationary, will continue, in the meantime, to be sold off, at his Shop, in Broad Street, at greatly reduced prices.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st December 1819.

Meethill property

In the Vicinity of Peterhead.

THAT Part of the LANDS of MEETHILL, lying betwixt the Turnpike Road and the Bay of Peterhead, possessed by William Clark, John Nicolson, and Andrew Fraser, containing upwards of 27 Acres, with the Kelp Shores and Quarries belonging thereto.

These Grounds are beautifully situated on the Bay and about a mile from the Town of Peterhead.  They will be sold upon such terms, as a Purchaser can have 4 per cent for his Money immediately, with a prospect of a great increase; and two thirds of the price, if wished, will be allowed to remain in the purchaser's hands, for several years.

Apply to William Gamack, Writer in Peterhead.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st December 1819.

24 November 2019

Public roup of Garmouth property


To be sold by public roup, on Tuesday the 11th January 1820,
if not previously disposed of by private bargain,

THE HOUSES in GARMOUTH, presently possessed by Mr Wm. Forsyth, with the GARDEN and LAND adjoining, consisting of between One and Two Acres.  This Property is pleasantly situated on the Head of the Bank, on the east side of the Village of Garmouth, and affords a fine situation for a House, commanding a prospect of the Enzie, of the River and Shipping in the Harbour of Spey, and of the Bay.

To be Sold also, at the same time, a PIECE of GROUND at the Mill of Garmouth, consisting of between Two and Three Acres.  Entry to both subjects at Whitsunday.

For particulars, application may be made to the Reverend Wm. Gordon, Elgin, to whom offers for a private bargain may be made.  The roup to be held on the premises on the 11th January, at noon.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th November 1819.

Dufftown feu for sale


THE FEU No. IV. in the new and thriving village of Duff-town, in the parish of Mortlach, as presently possessed by William Gordon, Inn-keeper there, consisting of 50 feet of front, and extending backwards 200 feet.  There is a Dwelling House upon the premises, 20 feet wide, and 45 long, new and substantially built, with slated roof, and containing two Stories, and Garrets, together with a Stable, Barn, Byre, Washing House, &c.  There is also a Garden, stocked with Berry-Bushes, and some Fruit-Trees.

Persons wishing to secure so desirable a Property, which will be sold on reasonable terms, may apply to George Dawson, Writer in Banff, who is authorised to conclude a bargain.
Banff, 22d Nov. 1819.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th November 1819.

17 November 2019

Bleachfield of Turriff


To be Let, for such number of years as can be agreed
on, and may be entered to at Martinmas first,

THE BLEACHFIELD of TURRIFF, as presently occupied by D. and J. Pearsons; - the Houses and Machinery have lately been fitted up in the most complete and commodious manner, at a considerable expence.- the business has been on the increase for years past, and the Field in the highest repute.  The stream of Water, which besides being of a quality peculiarly well adapted for Bleaching is sufficiently powerful to command additional Machinery for other purposes, and combined with the Carding Mill, affords an opening for persons of that line of business, seldom to be met with.

For farther particulars, application may be made to Mr Duff Mackay, Factor on the Estate of Delgaty; or to Mr Souter, at Banff.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th November 1819.