23 April 2017

Oldmeldrum Feus


There will be exposed by public roup, upon Saturday the 3d day of May next, at 4 o'clock afternoon, within the house of Mr Burnett, Oldmeldrum,

FOUR FEUS, with HOUSES and MOSS, belonging to John Gray, and possessed by Isabel Jeyles, and others. - The Houses are in a convenient part of the town, and may be seen by applying to John Davidson, Sheriff Officer.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd April 1817.

Trial of apprentice surgeons from Keith

Yesterday the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened here by the Right Hon. the Lords Pitmilly and Reston.

The first case which occupied the attention of the Court was that of James Taylor, John Gordon, and George Pirie, Apprentices to Mr John Gordon, Surgeon in Keith, accused of violating the sepulchre of the dead, by taking up the body of John Bremner, recently interred in the Church-yard of Keith.  The pannels, who were all young men, pled guilty to the charge; and a jury having been impanneled, found them guilty, in terms of their own confession; but on account of their youth and other circumstances, unanimously recommended them to the clemency of the Court.  The Advocate Depute very candidly admitted all the circumstances tending to alleviate their guilt, particularly their ingenuous confession of the offence, their youth, and anxiety to make every pecuniary compensation to the relatives of the person whose grave they had violated.  All these circumstances were embodied in a Memorial or Petition to the Court, in their behalf, signed by most of the respectable inhabitants of Keith. - Their Lordships concurred in giving weight to these facts; and after a suitable and very impressive address from Lord Reston, followed by Lord Pitmilly, they were sentenced to be imprisoned for four months in the jail of Banff.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd April 1817.

16 April 2017

Court cases to be heard at Inverness

The following persons have been indicted to stand trial at the ensuing Spring Circuits at Inverness, viz;- -  James Chisholm and Roderick Cameron, assaulting and deforcing revenue officers. - Barbara McKay, housebreaking and theft.  - John Strachan, theft.  William Fraser, alias McKenzie, and Simon Fraser, theft and reset of theft.  - Robert Dempster, assault. - John Ross, sheep-stealing. - Helen Stewart, theft and reset of theft.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 16th April 1817.

Sequestration in Foveran

CORN and FODDER, & c.  Part of the Sequestrated
Estate of ALEXANDER MITCHELL, in Fiddesbeg of Foveran.

To be sold by public roup,

THE whole STOCKING on the FARMS of FIDDESBEG, KINKNOCKIE, and FORNETIE, possessed by the said ALEXANDER MITCHELL, consisting of 8 Work Horses, 3 Young Horses; a Mare and Foal; 3 two years old, and 1 one year old Colts; a Poney; 8 Milch Cows; 8 Queys with Calf; 4 one year old Stots, 12 Calves; Carts; Ploughs; Harrows; a Stone Roller; a Barn Fanner; Cart and Plough Harness; and a variety of other farming utensils; several Stacks of Corn, Bear, and Pease, with Fodder, and some acres of Turnips.

At the same time will be let, several Parks of New and Pasture Grass for the season.

The roup to begin on Tuesday next, the 22d April current, at 10 o'clock forenoon, at Fiddesbeg, and on Wednesday at same hour, at Kinknockie and Fornetie.

Credit will be given on security.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 16th April 1817.

9 April 2017

Insolvency of Sophia Buchan and James McKill


MRS SOPHIA BUCHAN, other McKILL, and JAMES McKILL, her husband, having granted a disposition in favour of Trustees for behoof of their Creditors, all those having Claims against them are requested to lodge the same, with oaths of verity thereon, in the hands of Messrs. Robertson and Gray, Writers in Peterhead, within two months from this date; otherwise they will not be entitled to any share of the proceeds of the Trust Estate and Effects.


Upon Saturday the 19th current, at 12 o'clock noon, within the New Inn of Peterhead, there will be exposed to sale by public roup,

The Third and Fourth Lots of that TENEMENT in Peterhead, which belonged to the deceased Wm. Buchan, Esq.

The plan and title deeds are in the hands of the said Messrs. Robertson and Gray.

(One Concern.)

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th April 1817.

Farm lease in Marnoch


To Let, for 10 years, from Whitsunday 1817,

THE FARM of MID CRANACH, in the Parish of Marnoch, as presently possessed by John Horn, consisting of above 50 Acres Scots of Arable Land, and about 130 Acres of Pasture Ground.

The Farm will be shewn by the Ground Officer; and offers may be addressed to Colonel Grant of Grant, M.P. at Cullen House, till Saturday the 3d of May ensuing.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th April 1817.

2 April 2017

Garioch ploughing champions

We hear, that notwithstanding the inclemency of the weather, the Ploughing Match, appointed by the Garioch Farmer Club, took place on the Farm of Cocklarachy, on the 21st of March last.  Twenty Ploughs started, and, after the horses and ploughs had been removed, the Judges came on the field, who having particularly examined every Lot, adjudged the Premiums as follows:-

The 1st Premium, being Three Guineas, and the Highland Society's Silver Medal, to Charles Burness, servant to Mr Webster, Mains of Laithers.

The 2d, Two Guineas, to James Hendry, servant to Mr Adam Thomson, Tallathrowie.

The 3d, Two Guineas, to Alexander Taylor, servant to Mr Webster, Mains of Laithers.

The 4th, One Guinea and a half, to Alexander McRobbie, servant to James Allardyce, Esq. of Boynsmill.

The 5th, One Guinea, to George Brodie, servant to James Allardyce, Esq. of Boynsmill.

The 6th, Half-a-Guinea, to William Wallace, servant to James Allardyce, Esq. of Boynsmill.

Altho' only twenty ploughs started, yet, had the weather been favourable, there was reason to have expected, that upwards of Forty would have been on the ground.

After the Ploughing Match, the Garioch Farmer Club, partook of a very excellent Dinner, prepared for them, by Mrs Mellis, Huntly; and the evening was spent with the greatest harmony and happiness.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd April 1817.