23 October 2016

Echt Estate


UPON the Estate of ECHT, for such number of years as may be agreed on, viz.

Possessions                      Possessors                                  Of About Arable Acres
Westseat                            Alex. Craighead                             50} Access at Martin-
Wakendale                         Alex. Adams                                 38}  mas or Whitsun-
Damseat                             William Hendry                             50} day next

Cowiehillock                       George Morgan                            80}
Newfield                             Adam Watt                                  50} Entry at
Hillbrae                               Al. Adam & Al. Low                   50} Whit-
Inn of Echt                          William Hay                                 45}  sunday,
Mill of Echt                          George Walche                           12} 1817

Waterfall of Finnarey                                                              10} With several cottages, 
                                                                                                  }well suited for a Manufactory
                                                                                                  }or Distillery

Also, several Lets of improveable Pasture Land, part of which had formerly been in tillage; all well accommodated with Roads,  Moss, &c.; distant about 12 miles from Aberdeen.

Alexander Andrews, Ground Officer at Housedale, will shew the lands.

For further particulars, apply to Mr Forbes, the Proprietor.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd October 1816.

Alexander Tait, shoemaker


THOSE having claims on ALEXr. TAIT, Shoemaker in St. Fergus, are requested to lodge the same with William Gamack, writer in Peterhead, within a fortnight from this date; with Certification to those creditors who fail to comply with this intimation, that they will receive no share of the Bankrupt's funds then to be divided; and the Debtors to the said Alexr. Tait will take notice that Prosecutions are immediately to be raised against them, unless prevented by payment.
Peterhead, 21st October, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd October 1816.

16 October 2016

Huntly weaving shop


There will be exposed to sale by public roup, upon Thursday the 24th day of October current, within the house of Miss Melles, vintner in Huntly, at 6 o'clock afternoon,

THAT HOUSE and WEAVING SHOP, with the GARDEN thereunto adjoining, belonging to Mr John Davdison, teacher in Bruntisland, and presently possessed by Walter Davidson, stamp-master.  The House is most substantially finished; the Garden well enclosed, and well stocked with fruit trees and berry bushes, all in full bearing, and the property is in every way well worth the attention of a purchaser.

The title deeds are in the hands of George Stewart, Advocate in Aberdeen; and Walter Davidson, the present occupier, will shew the property to intending purchasers.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 16th October 1816.

Easter Kirktown, Skene

In the Parish of Skene, to Let.

EASTER KIRKTOWN, at present possessed by Robert Wylie, is to be let for such number of years as may be agreed upon.  The Skene turnpike passes thro' it, between 8 and 9 miles from Aberdeen.  The soil is early, and well adapted for bringing up weighty crops of Wheat, Barley, and Turnip. - Having been 23 years in the Proprietor's possession, he spared no pains in fencing it, and bringing it into high cultivation.  - The farm consists of upwards of 100 Acres, enclosed in 24 fields, with water mostly in each, fit for grazing Cattle.

There is a good Dwelling House, and Steading of Offices, consisting of 2 Barns, 4 Byres, a Stable, and Grain Lofts.  If the taxman should require more land, he may have from 30 to 40 acres additional.  The Lands are bound to no Mill, and there is plenty of Moss attached to them.  It is seldom that such a farm is to be met with.  Entry at Martinmas 1816.

Enquire at Wm. Knowles, Virginia-street.

Charles Belmerick, at Kirktown of Skene, will shew the farm.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 16th October 1816.

9 October 2016

ALEX. and CHAS. McHARDY, Braemar.

THAT a meeting of the said Creditors is to take place at Castletown, Braemar, on Monday, the 11th November next; and as a final dividend is expected, it is requested that all those having CLAIMS will lodge them with Chas. Watson, Castletown, or Chas. Cumming, Corrymulzie, accompanied with regular affidavits, on or before said day, as none will be afterwards attended to.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th October 1816.

Alexander Gibson sentenced

On Monday last, Alexander Gibson was convicted before the Sheriff, in a prosecution at the instance of the Procurator Fiscal, of having, in the month of June last, committed a very aggravated assault on Elizabeth Jaffray, wife of Alexander Park, in Millhill of Crimond, by striking and wounding her on the head with a stick, to the effusion of her blood.  The Sheriff, after expressing in the strongest terms, his disapprobabion of the outrageous and unmanly conduct of the prisoner, in assaulting a defenceless woman, in the manner that had been clearly proved against him, sentenced him to confinement and hard labour in Bridewell, for the space of Six Calendar Months.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th October 1816.

2 October 2016

Swine Ward of Arduthie

Sale on Friday.

That on Friday first the 4th of October, at six o'clock evening, there will be sold by public roup, within the George Inn, Stonehaven,

THAT GARDEN situated in the SWINE WARD of ARDUTHIE, formerly the Property of Charles Logan, Flaxdresser in Stonehaven, and now belonging to trustees for his Creditors.  It is inclosed with a substantial stonedyke, and well stocked with fruit trees and berry bushes.

Intending offerers may apply for farther information, to John Brand, or William Anderson, writers in Stonehaven.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd October 1816.