9 December 2018

Alexander Cran fined for crop damaged by dog

A complaint having been lately brought by a Gentleman, before the Justices of the Peace for the district of Turriff, against Alexander Cran, a farm-servant in the parish of Auchterless, for allowing two large dogs to hunt or range through a field of corn, when nearly ripe, by which a great part of it was trampled down and destroyed; and also for his insolent and outrageous conduct to said gentleman, when stopped and questioned by him as to his having done so.  The Justices, upon investigating the matter, found the complaint fully proven, and ordained the said Alexander Cran to pay the sum of Five Pounds sterling, in name of fine and damages, and also found him liable in expences. - The Justices having also taken into consideration, that it is a practice very common in that part of the country for farm-servants, when travelling on the public roads with their masters' horses, to have large dogs along with them, which they allow to range thro' the fields adjacent to the road, to the great depredation and damage of the crop on the ground, and also to the great danger and annoyance of cattle and sheep; we understand that they therefore determined to use every means in their power, for putting a stop to the same in future; and it is hoped, that after this public notification, farmers will be careful to prevent their servants from taking dogs along with them, when travelling with their horses and carts.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th December 1818.

George Bruce victim of robbery

On Sunday morning last, about three o'clock, as George Bruce, the well-known Ellon Carrier, was coming to Aberdeen, he was stopped about three quarters of a mile beyond the Bridge of Don, by two men, who, after ordering him out of his cart and demanding his purse, rifled his pockets of the money they contained, between 30s. and 40s. in silver, and then took a bag of meal and four cheeses, all which they immediately carried off. - They were stout men, rather above the middle size, wore round hats, and long or great coats, and spoke the Aberdeen dialect.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th December 1818.

2 December 2018

1818 outbreak of typhus fever in Aberdeen


We are happy to state, that the most active measures have been resorted to in order to stop the progress of this malady, and that the best hopes of success are to be entertained.  A well aired house, and in every respect well calculated for a Fever Hospital, or House of Recovery, has been rented at the Gallowgate-head, is now fitted up, and ready for the reception of such Patients as may require it.  Yesterday, we understand, several cases were admitted into it.  Sub-Committees have, by the appointment of the General Committee, visited the dwellings of many of the Patients, distributing such temporary assistance in the mean time as appeared absolutely necessary.  Printed Regulations, drawn up by the Medical Society, have been printed and generally distributed, informing the people of what is necessary to be done - and a Depot is opened at the House of Recovery, for the reception of such old Blankets, Linen, or other articles necessary for the accommodation of the sick, as the humane may be pleased to bestow; and, in short, by the exertions of the Sub-Committee, the best accommodation the circumstances admit, will very soon be provided for the Patients, who have even already experienced considerable relief, in consequence of the small sums in money, and distributions of porter, received.  There is no doubt that the confined and filthy habitations of the sick have much increased the malignity of the disease, and that the removal of the worst cases to the House of Recovery will have the best effect.

A full Report of the Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Inhabitants, held on the occasion, will be found in page 4.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd December 1818.

William Gilchrist, marble cutter


There will be exposed to Sale, by public roup, within the Lemon Tree Tavern, on Friday, the 12th instant, at 6 o'clock evening,

THAT HOUSE, in Water Lane, belonging to WILLIAM GILCHRIST, Marble Cutter.

For particulars, apply to the said William Gilchrist. - Who has on hand a great variety of MARBLE CHIMNIES, MONUMENTS, and GRAVE STONES, at his Work, near the Canal Bason; where the public may depend on being served at all times, on the most reasonable terms.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd December 1818.

25 November 2018

Farm leases in Fyvie and Maryculter


THE following FARMS and CROFTS, belonging to WILLIAM GORDON, Esq. of Fyvie, are to be Let on Lease, on a day, in the course of the ensuing Winter, to be afterwards advertised, viz.:-

Parish of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire.
Entry at Whitsunday, 1819.

The Farm of HADDO, at present in the occupation of the Proprietor, to be let in three divisions.

The Farm of OLD BOGHEAD, at present possessed by James Leslie, Robert Reid, John Singer, William Cruickshank, Andrew Aitken, and others.  This farm being situated in apopulous part of the country, and well accommodated with moss, is well suited for tradesmen and labourers, and is now divided into Nine Lots, varying from Five to Seventeen Acres, and any two or more of these may be united, if tenants incline.

The Milltown of SAPHOCK, as lately occupied by James Skene.

The Mill of SAPHOCK, with a Mill Croft.  For the accommodation of a good tenant, the proprietor will erect a new Mill and Kiln, at his own expence.

The Croft at WATERSIDE of Fyvie, as occupied by Geo. Troup. - And

GREENMYRE, lately occupied by James Robertson.

Entry at Whitsunday, 1820.

The Farm of PETTY, at present occupied by Alexander Milne and his subtenants, which will be let in one principal farm, with some smaller divisions.

Mill of PETTY, at present occupied by Alexander Singer.

The Farm of Meickle Gourdas, as possessed by George Wilson.

OVERTOWN of GOURDAS, as possessed by William Sim.

PARKBURN, as possessed by William Urquhart.

Part of PARKBURN, as possessed by James Marr.  This possession will be let as at present, or united with Greenmyre; or, should offerers incline, will be divided into smaller lots.

Many of the above Farms are of considerable extent, and worth the attention of substantial tenants, and they are all well known to consist of some of the best and earliest soil in the county.

Parish of Maryculter, Kincardineshire.
Entry now or at Whitsunday next.

Part of EASTSIDE, lately possessed by Andrew Brown.

Croft on WESTSIDE, adjoining the road leading from Deeside to Stonehaven.  On this Croft, the proprietor intends to erect a Dwelling House before Whitsunday next.

Intending offerers for any of the above possessions may, in the meantime, apply for farther information, either to the Proprietor; Mr Hay, Fyvie; or Charles Chalmers, Advocate, Aberdeen; and William Urquhart, Ground-officer at Fyvie, and George Watt, Ground-officer at Maryculter, will point out the Boundaries of the possessions.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 25th November 1818.

18 November 2018

Farm leases in Marnoch

On Dovern-side to be Let; and,

To bet Let, and entered to at Whitsunday first, for such number of years as may be agreed on,

THE FARMS of OLDTOWN of NETHERDALE, as presently possessed by James Adam and Alex. Andrew, consisting of about 250 Scots Acres; And COBLE-HOUSE and BOAT, possessed by GEORGE RUDDOCH, consisting of 31 Scots Acres or thereby, lying in the parish of Marnoch, and County of Banff.

These Farms are contiguous, and will be Let together or separately.  They are beautifully situated on the Banks of the Dovern, of an early fertile soil, in all respects well accommodated, having Lime at a reasonable distance, near Markets, and easy access to the Turnpike Roads leading to Banff, Macduff, and Portsoy, and are an object deserving the attention of tenants of capital and enterprise, to whom liberal encouragement will be given.

There are also several commodious CROFTS to be Let, of from Two to Three Acres each, of good Land, very suitable for Tradesmen or Day-Labourers - and for one of these, a BLACKSMITH is Wanted, who, if a capable hand, will find the situation desirable.

Also a small CROFT on the Estate of Muirs of Fyvie, which will be shewn by James Gordon, Ground-Officer there.

The whole will be Let at Netherdale-House on Wednesday the 25th day of November curt. at 10 o'clock forenoon, until which day offers in writing will be received by the proprietor there.
The same day and place, ESTIMATES will be taken in, and agreements entered into, with Contractors willing to execute about two miles and something odds, of Commutation Road, from the old Road near Auchenhamper thro' the Farms of Auchinina and the Plantation of Loghill, to Kirkton of Inverkeithny, to be divided into Lots.

The Farms, Crofts, and boundaries, with the line of Road, plan and specifications, will be pointed out, and shewn of John Brown, Overseer at Netherdale, or on the day of Let.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 18th November 1818.

11 November 2018

James Lorimer, Little Folla, deceased


THOSE who are indebted to the Estate of the deceased JAMES LORIMER, at Burnside of Little Folla, are expected to settle their Accounts with Charles Chalmers, Advocate, Aberdeen, within three weeks from this date, as longer indulgence cannot be given.
Aberdeen, 3d Nov. 1818.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 11th November 1818.