12 August 2018

Drowning tragedy at Aberdeen beach

Melancholy Accident. - On Thursday last, two fine young men, David Watson, and David Greig, cartwrights, each about 25 years of age, were unfortunately drowned while bathing in the sea here.  David Greig had come out of the water, and was in the act of dressing himself, when he observed Watson struggling for his life; and rushing in to his assistance, lost his life in the humane attempt to save his fellow-workman.  There were several people on the beach, one of whom went in, and extended his hand to the sufferer, who attempting to grasp him by the neck, he was, for his own safety, obliged to abandon him to his fate.  Another lad went in, and threw the safety rope, kept by the proprietor of the Bathing Machines, towards the spot, but without effect; both the lads had already sunk under water, and were unable to see it.  The many accidents of this nature which we have occasion to notice, prove strongly the extreme danger of bathing on our beach, at low water, where the bottom is very uneven, and shelving into numberless holes.  The body of Watson was got out soon after the accident; and the usual means applied by a medical gentleman, to restore animation; but in vain.  The body of his unfortunate companion was not found until Monday night.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th August 1818.

5 August 2018

Auchintoul farm leases

Upon Thursday the 13th of August next,
THE following FARMS belonging to John Morison, Esq. are to be Let at Auchintoul.  Entry at Martinmas first, or Whitsunday 1819.

Parish of Marnoch.
PART of MONEIDIE, lately possessed by
James Allan.
Alex. Adam.
Theod. Christie.
Parish of Inverkeithnie.
UPPER FORTRIE, possessed by
Alex. Gerard.
William Cruickshank
Alex. Cormack
Parish of Turriff.
Entry at Whitsunday 1819.
PART of DORLAITHERS, possessed by
G & W Cruickshank
PART of Do.
Alex. Shearer
PART of Do. except the Houses and
Croft adjoining
John Anderson
Widow Farsken
Charles Mair.
Entry at Whitsunday 1820.
MEIKLE ARDMIDDLE, and PART of DORLAITHERS, possessed by Gilbert Brown.
Parish of Forgue.
Entry at Whitsunday 1819.
PART of UPPER AUCHARNIE, possessed by
John Milne.

The above Possessions are all of a dry kindly soil, and very improveable; and several of them are of great extent, and well worth the attention of substantial tenants. – Two or more of the Lots of Dorlaithers will be Let together, if tenants incline.

Application, for further particulars, may be made, in the meantime, to the Proprietor at Auchintoul; or Mr Hay, Fyvie; and the boundaries of the different Possessions, as they are now arranged, will be pointed out by the Ground-officer.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 5th August 1818.

29 July 2018

1918 hoeing match at Mill of Ashogle, Turriff

The Mill of Ashogle hoeing match was held on Thursday evening.  The entries were large and the competition keen, and the work was witnessed by a large crowd of spectators.  At the close the judges and friends were hospitably entertained by Mr and the Misses Grieve, Ashogle.  The following is the prize list:-

Men - 1. W.B. Smith, Foulzie;  2. W. Chapman, Burnside;  3. W. Michie, Foulzie;  4. H. Scott, Fenderton;  5. S. Chapman, Slackadale;  6. C. McKimmie, Rosehill;  7. J. Webster, Afforsk;  8. J. Wright, Wanford;  9.  A. Kindness, Camaloun;  10. A. Smith, Foulzie;  1. F. Burns, Smithy, Fintry;  12. J. Lorimer, Easter Melrose;  13. A. Beaton, Sillerton;  14. J. Fordyce, Silverford;  15. J. Moir, Wrae;  18. A. Walker, S. Towie Turner;  17. J. Greenshaw, Upper Wanford;  18. F. Clark, Kinnermit;  19. W. Sim, Braefoot;  20. A. Morris, Lendrum.

Boys - 1. G. Anderson, Whitehills, Gamrie;  2. J. Kindness, South Camalines;  3. J. Bain, Hill of Ashogle; 4. W. Watson, Kinnermit;  5. J. Stewart, Meikle Colp; 6. H. Burnett, Whitehills, Gamrie;  7. A. Hay, Muirden;  8. J. Jamieson, Muirden;  9. J. Alardyce, Forglen.

Ladies - 1. Mrs McGowan, Ashogle;  2. Mrs Barrie, Ashogle;  3. E. Park, Haughs;  4. M. Adam, Boghead, Laithers;  5. J. Robb, Dunlugas;  6. A. Grieve, Ashogle;  7. B. Taylor, Haughs;  8. Mrs Bain, Ashogle;  9. J. Durno, Middle Muirden;  10. M. Grieve, Ashogle.

Lady first out with prize - Mrs McGowan.  Man first out with prize - J. Moir, Wraes.  Oldest hoer - J. Robb, Dunlugas.  Youngest hoer - W. Milton, Bogside.  Man with largest family - G. Clark, Brae Croft, Muiresk.

The arrangements were carried out by a committee, with Mr H. Howie as secretary.  Prizes were presented by Mrs Morison, Turriff.  The judges were: - Men - Mr Dingwall Mahen, and Mr Kiloh, Muiryfold.  Ladies and boys - Mr Fenty, Bogside, and Smart, Rosehall.

Published in the Aberdeen Daily Journal, Monday 29th July 1918.

22 July 2018

Cairntown of Birkenbog

For 19 Years, with immediate possession,
THAT part of CAIRNTOWN of BIRKENBOG, lately held by William Currie; contains about 22 Scots Arable Acres.
The CROFT called WRIGHTSLAND, held by John Hendry, contains about 9 ½ Acres; and a Part of SUMMERTOWN held by him in sub-lease.

Thomas Gillice, at Birkenbog, will shew the Grounds; and offers to be made to A. Young, Esq. at Banff, or to the Proprietor at Mayen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 22nd July 1818.

Farm lease at Goval

To be Let for Twenty-seven Years,

THE United FARMS of GOVEL and PLACE of GOVEL (or if more agreeable, they will be divided), as now occupied by William Valentine, containing 320 Scots Acres of which 130 are presently under proper cultivation, finely situated on the northern bank of the River Don, within 6 miles of Aberdeen by the turnpike road, and in the immediate vicinity of the Canal Basin at Bridge of Dyce.

To a Gentleman farmer, the Place of Govel would form a desirable residence; whilst the Houses upon Govel, in the centre of the farm, might accommodate his labourers and cattle. -- The uncultivated grounds, which are connected, could be brought into tillage at a moderate expence.  The North and South mail Coaches pass daily by the turnpike.

Entry to the Place of Govel at Martinmas 1819; and to the others at the Whitsunday thereafter.

Offers in writing to be given in, on or before the 1st September next, to General Gordon Cuming Skene at Parkhill, by Aberdeen; or to James Forbes, Kirkhill, Oldmeldrum, his Factor.  James Gray, Ground-officer at Lochend, will point out the boundaries.  The set to take place at the House of Parkhill, on Tuesday 2d Sept. first, by 1 o'clock P.M.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 22nd July 1818.

15 July 2018

James Milne, merchant at Plaidy

To the CREDITORS of JAMES MILNE, late Merchant at Plaidie, near Turriff.

A State of the Funds realized, will be seen at the Offices of Alexander Webster, Advocate, Aberdeen, will Monday the 27th curt.; after which day, the Creditors of the Bankrupt will receive their Dividends from Mr Webster.  If any person to whom the said James Milne stood Indebted at the time of his elopement, in June, 1817, has omitted to lodge his Claim, the same must be given in to the said Alex. Webster, against the above-mentioned day, otherwise no dividend can afterwards be paid thereon.
Not to be repeated.
Aberdeen, 14th July, 1818.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th July 1818.

Reward of five guineas


WHEREAS, in the course of last Night, some wicked and malicious person or persons, having entered the Enclosures of Chas. Walker, Esq. Glenburnie, in the parish of Old Machar, did cut and destroy a Bee Hive, belonging to him, and throw the same into the Barn adjoining,
Is hereby offered to any person or persons who shall give such information to Alex. Cadenhead, Procurator Fiscal of the City of Aberdeen, or the same Chas. Walker, Esq. as may lead to the conviction of any one or more of the offenders, - and the informer's name will be concealed.

Adelphi, 14th July 1818.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th July 1818.