16 June 2019

John Wood drowned at Cove

On Thursday last, a fine young lad, 17 years of age, of the name of John Wood, while in the act of gathering bait at the Cove, was unfortunately drowned.  There was a little boy along with him, but he could render him no assistance.  His hat and a few small books, which were in the inside, have been cast ashore, but the body has not yet been found.  The books had been given him by the Rev. Dr Cruden of Nigg, a day or two before he was lost.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 16th June 1819.

REWARD OFFERED for apprehension of William Morrison

WILLIAM MORRISON, sometime CLERK in Aberdeen, absconded from his situation on Saturday last, the 5th June curt. taking with him about L. 96 of COMMERCIAL BANK of SCOTLAND NOTES,

Is hereby offered, to any person who will apprehend him, or give such information to David Copland, Insurance Broker, Aberdeen, as may lead to a discovery of his person, the informer's name to be kept secret, if required.  Besides the Money, the said William Morrison is supposed to have a FORGED BILL, of L. 376. 14s. which he attempted to pass here.  It is drawn on the Firm of Messrs. Nicol, Reid, and Co. Shipbuilders, which the Public are cautioned against taking.

The said WILLIAM MORRISON is about 18 year of age, stout made, round full face, and large blue eyes; is of fair complexion, light harir, about 5 feet 2 inches high.  Had on when he absconded, a long Dark Blue Coat, a dark coloured Vest, mixed Grey Pantaloons, Grey Stockings; walked slow, with his hands generally in his Pantaloon Pockets.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 16th June 1819.

9 June 2019

Sale of Property in Arduthie


There will be exposed to sale by Auction, in the Mill Inn, Stonehaven, on Thursday the 24th inst. at 7 o'clock afternoon,

THAT FEU TENEMENT in ARDUTHIE, consisting of a Dwelling House, of Two Floors, and Attic, witha  Garden, which belonged to the late Mr Charles Malcolm, in Baulk, now possessed by Mr Thomas Robertson, pleasantly situated on the side of the Carron water, and within a few minutes walk of the sea beach.

Enquire at P. Christian, Writer, Stonehaven, who will treat for sale by private bargain.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th June 1816.

Feu at East Cookston, Banchory Devenick

Upset Price Reduced.

Upon Tuesday the 22d day of June next, at 12 o'clock noon, there will be exposed to sale, by way of Feu, within the Poor's Hospital of Aberdeen,

ALL and whole the TOWN and LANDS of EAST COOKSTON, belonging to the Kirk Session of Aberdeen, lying within the parish of Banchory Devenick, and County of Kincardine; as presently occupied by Alexr. Carr, William Leonard, and others.

This property contains 93A.  1R.  22F. besides 19A. 1R. 20F. of Moss.  The turnpike road from Aberdeen to Stonehaven passes through the property; which is distant about six miles from the former, and about 9 miles from the latter.  The leases expire at Martinmas 1820, at which term, the purchaser will get access to the whole premises, with the exception of a small possession occupied by William Leiper, on a life-rent tack.

For further particulars, application may be made to Alexr. Webster, Advocate in Aberdeen, who will shew the Title Deeds, and a plan of the property.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 9th June 1819.

2 June 2019

Sale of Andrew Ironside's property in New Pitsligo


THAT Substantial DWELLING HOUSE, and YARD at the back, lying on the East Side of the High Street of New Pitsligo, and nearly opposite the New Inn there, lately belonging to, and possessed by, the now deceased Andrew Ironside, Shoemaker,



Apply to William Simpson, Advocate in Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd June 1819.

Accidental death of Stonehaven child

Stonehaven, 1st June, 1819. - A most distressing accident happened here yesterday afternoon.  Just as the Mail Coach was descending from the Bridge of Cowie, and making the quick turn into the Bridge-street, a child of between 3 and 4 years of age, belonging to Mr David Henderson, merchant here, unfortunately chanced to be then nearly in the way of the Coach, and but a very little distance ahead of her, when running to get out of the road, it fell just before the horses, and altho' every possible exertion was made by the driver to stop the horses, and by some people near at the time to save the child, one of the wheels passed over the poor infant's head, and part of the breast, and crushed it to death.

At the instance of the Procurator Fiscal, a precognition was taken to-day, in regard to the way and manner in which the accident happened - and all who were eye witnesses of it declare, that no blame whatever rests with the guard or driver; that altho' the child had belonged to either of them, they could not possibly have saved its life.  The whole blame lies in the abominable bridge over the Cowie water - its excessive narrowness and steepness, besides the acute turn which it causes in coming into the town of Stonehaven.

It is much to be wished that a new bridge were put up, of the proper breadth, and higher up the water, for no person can be safe to pass the present one on foot, at any time, but particularly at night.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd June 1819.

The child may have been Anne Henderson, daughter of David Henderson and Sarah Hutcheon, whose baptism was recorded in the Fetteresso parochial register on 28th November 1815.

26 May 2019

Sale of stock belonging to Charles Malcolm


There will be sold at Upper Baulk, in the Parish of Fetteresso, on Wednesday the 2d of June next,

THE whole STOCK on that FARM, which belonged to the Deceased CHAS. MALCOLM, consisting of 7 Milch Cows; upwards of 20 Young Cattle of different ages; and four Work Horses; with the Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, and the whole Farming Utensils, as well as the Household Furniture.  Credit will be given on security; and intending purchasers will please to take notice, that the Sale will commence exactly at 11 o'clock.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th May 1819.