28 August 2016

Accidental drowning at Belhelvie

The following melancholy accident happened on the sands opposite to Belhelvie, on Sunday morning last:- Hugh Sherriffs, a fine stout boy of 13 years of age, the son of a respectable widow woman of that parish, and the chief hope of her family, had gone in to bathe, at nearly low water, at a projecting point of sand, and getting immediately beyond his depth, was carried off by the force of the tide; and although there were several country lads bathing not far off, no effectual assistance could be given, as none of them could swim.  As soon as the accident was known, the nearest salmon cobles were procured, and the country people flocked down with laudable humanity, to give their assistance to search for the body, but it has not yet been found.  It is hoped, that if the body be found anywhere along the coast, it may be cared for, and immediate notice sent to his friends, that it may be restored to his afflicted mother, for interment, which would be the greatest consolation to her.  The boy was stout made, and had short red hair.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 28th August 1816.

Isaac Robertson, Auchanachie


ISAAC ROBERTSON at AUCHANACHIE.  It having been intimated in the Journal of last week, that Mr Robertson had, on the 10th curt. granted a trust disposition in favour of John Geddes in Haddoch, John Gatherer, and Wm. Gordon, writers in Keith, for behoof of his creditors; a meeting of his creditors was, in consequence of the above advertisement, held within the house of Robert Gordon, vintner here, this day, when the trust deed was laid before them for approval, and instructions to the trustees named; but one of the principal creditors present having refused to accede, and no accession in consequence having taken place, the above gentlemen declined accepting the trust, or acting under it, and they give this notice, that all concerned may attend to their interests.
Keith, 19th August, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 28th August 1816.

21 August 2016

Colleonard, Banff

To bet Let, for 19 years, from Martinmas next.

PART of the MAINS and PARKS of COLLEONARD, as possessed by the late James Gordon, Esq. containing, 58A. 0R. 25F.  Offers will be received by John Fraser, at Cullen-house, or Alexander Rannie, Factor of Boyne, till Saturday the 21st of September, on which day the lands will be let at Cullen-house.

(Not to be repeated.)

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 21st August 1816.

Tillyskeith, Maryculter

Parish of Maryculter, and County of Kincardine.

THE East division of the farm of WESTER TILLYSKEITH, or WESTSIDE, as lately occupied by David Esson.

The Farm of EASTER TILLYSKEITH or EASTSIDE, as lately possessed by George Esson.

These farms are immediately adjoining, and may be let either separately, or as one farm.  They contain 100 acres of arable Land, and a great extent of highly improvable pasture.  The soil is strong and early, they have the advantage of easy access by good roads to Aberdeen and Stonehaven, and are distant from the former about nine, and the latter about six miles.  To substantial improving tenants, these farms would be an object, but if preferred, they will be let as one, according to their present divisions.

The Croft in Eastside, at present occupied by William Gordon, is also to be let, and is a good situation for an industrious tenant.

They will be let, for such number of years, as may be agreed on, and entry may be had immediately, or at Martinmas next.

A day will be afterwards fixed for letting; and in the meantime application may be made to Mr Hay of Monkshill, Fyvie, or Charles Chalmers, advocate, Aberdeen, and Charles Raitt, grieve, at Maryculter House, will point out the boundaries.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 21st August 1816.

14 August 2016

James Finnie, Bonnykelly


THE whole Creditors of JAMES FINNIE, Farmer in Headiton of Bonnykelly, parish of New Deer, are desired to meet at Mr Hendry's Inn, New Pitsligo, upon Tuesday the 27th of August, by eleven o'clock A.M. to concert the most proper measures for winding up the said concern.

Not to be repeated.
Strichen, 10th August, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th August 1816.

Sudden death of Mary Low in Montrose

A poor woman, Mary Low, whose husband sails in one of the Aberdeen whale ships, died here on Monday last, in consequence of some idle officious person telling her that her husband was drowned, and that she need not trouble herself enquiring after letters from him.  She had gone to the well for water, when the intelligence was communicated to her, and such as its sudden effect that she instantly fell into a swoon.  The was carried to her own house, where every means were employed to restore the vital energy, without effect; in the course of a few hours life was extinct.  She has left an aged mother, and three children, the youngest of whom is only ten weeks old, to deplore her loss.  It appears that the carrier, who arrived from Aberdeen on Saturday evening, brought a letter, with money, from her husband, but did not deliver it until Monday, in consequence of the intermediate day being Sunday.  She was in a state of insensibility when the letter was brought to her. - Montrose, August 9.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th August 1816.

7 August 2016

Ann Wylie & Rachel Campbell: prison sentence

On Monday last, Ann Wylie and Rachel Campbell, lately servants to Messrs Gordon, Barron, & Co. at their Cotton Mills, Woodside, having been convicted before the Sitting Magistrate of stealing from the Manufactory of their said masters, were sentenced by him to be confined in Bridewell for the space of Six Calendar Months; and to stand on the Pillory for one hour, previous to their imprisonment in Bridewell.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th August 1816.