24 July 2016

Drowning at Nigg

On Saturday last, a poor widow woman, of the name of Allan, was carried by the sea, while gathering dulce on the rocks near the Bay of Nigg, and drowned.  The body was not found for two hours after the accident.  We regret to learn, that she has left two children totally unprovided for.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th July 1816.

Francis Ferrar, Logie Coldstone

On the 20th inst. Francis Ferrar, in Davan, parish of Logie Coldstone, was convicted before the Sheriff, on his own confession, of having conducted himself in a very violent and improper manner towards Harry Lamond Esq., one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Aberdeenshire, while acting in the discharge of his duty as a Magistrate, in putting a stop to an affray at Tarland, on the evening of the 12th inst.  Ferrar, having soon become sensible of the impropriety of his conduct, had voluntarily delivered himself up to justice; and on being brought before the Sheriff, he expressed great contrition for his offence.  In consideration of these alleviating circumstances, and on the interposition of Mr Lamond, who was present in court, and generously interceded in his behalf, the sentence of the court only was, that he should find caution to keep the peace, and be of good behaviour, for the space of two years, under the penalty of Four Hundred Merks, and be imprisoned till such caution was found.  At the same time, the Sheriff stated, that if any thing of the kind should again occur, a much severer sentence would be pronounced.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th July 1816.

17 July 2016


WHEREAS, between twelve and one o'clock on the night of Sunday the fourteenth instant, as James Blance, Shipmaster in Peterhead, was travelling on horseback between Ellon and Aberdeen, he was accosted, a little to the northward of the Tollbar at Belhelvie, by a man having the appearance of a sailor, who rose from behind a dyke at the road side, and ordered him to stop; and he having declined to do so, and put spurs to his horse, the said man fired a pistol at him, as he rode off, by the ball from which he narrowly escaped being wounded;
Is hereby offered to any person who will apprehend and detain the man above mentioned, or give such information respecting him, to Hugh Fullerton, Procurator Fiscal of Aberdeenshire, as shall be the means of his being apprehended and brought to justice.
The said man has the appearance of a sailor, is of middle size, stout made, has large whiskers nearly meeting each other and was dressed in a brown jacket, dark blue trowsers, and either a black leather, or a glazed hat.

Aberdeen, July 15, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th July 1816.

Lease of Menie crofts

To be let for such term, as may be agreed on,

THOSE TWO CROFTS on the Estate of MENIE, occupied by Robert Black, and George Milne.  Entry to Robert Black's immediately, and to George Milne's at Whitsunday next.

Offers in writing to be lodged with Messrs. Blaikie and Bannerman, King-street, within ten days.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th July 1816.

10 July 2016

Robert Scott, Rothiemay


ROBERT SCOTT, in Woodfold of Rothiemay, having granted a Trust Deed for behoof of all his Creditors in favour of Messrs. James Alexander in Boghead, William Stuart in Kirkland, and George Alexander in Haickburn; all those having claims against him, will please attend at his house at Woodfold, upon Monday the 15th of July curt. and bring the same along with them, properly vouched; as it is hoped upon that day, the Trustees will be enabled to know how the Bankrupt's matters stand.

Woodfold of Rothimay, 4th July, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 10th July 1816.

Margaret Keith or Tough

In the month of June last, the Sitting Magistrate, on the complaint of the Procurator Fiscal, sentenced Margaret Keith alias Tough, (a notorious and incorrigible thief, who had formerly been brought to trial before the Circuit Court of Justiciary, and sentenced to seven years transportation) to be confined and kept to hard labour in Bridewell for Two Years, for stealing.  This woman is upwards of 70 years of age.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 10th July 1816.

3 July 2016

Public roup in Banff


On Thursday the 25th day of July inst. at one o'clock afternoon, there will be sold by public roup, within the house of James Allan, vintner in Banff,

THAT large TENEMENT situated at the back of the Grammar School in Banff, as many years possessed by Mr Cruickshank, Rector of the Academy; and which will afford accommodation for a large private family; or may either be converted into an Inn; or subdivided so as to suit separate families.

For further particulars, application may be made to John Smith, Writer in Banff, who is in possession of the title deeds, and articles of roup.

Banff, 1st July, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 3rd July 1816.