29 May 2016

Property sale in Fetterangus


To be sold by private bargain,

THESE Houses in the VILLAGE of FETTERANGUS, Old Deer, belonging to and presently occupied by WILLIAM WILLOX.  The Houses have lately been fitted up for the accommodation of a General Country Merchant, and are commodious.  They being situated on two different yards, will either be disposed of together, or separately, as purchasers may incline; and a Croft of Land is attached to each yard.

Entry to the whole immediately, application may be made to James Mitchell at Pitfour, and Alexander Farquhar, Square-wright in Fetterangus, will shew the premises.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 29th May 1816.

22 May 2016

Public roup at Auquorthies


There will be exposed to sale by public roup at Afforthies, near Stonehaven, on Tuesday the 28th May current,

THE whole STOCKING belonging to the Trust Estate of Robert Barclay, Farmer at Afforthies; consisting of 5 one year old STOTS and QUEYS, 6 two year old STOTS, 7 MILCH COWS of a superior breed, a BULL, 4 CALVES, and 3 WORK HORSES, well adapted for Brewers or Carters; Carts, Ploughs, Harrows, Harness, and a variety of other articles; together with about 760 Stones of HAY.

The roup will begin at 10 o'clock forenoon, and Credit will be given on Security.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 22nd May 1816.

Justices Court cases

The Justices, in a Court held at Rathen, on Monday se'nnight, fined Robert Maitland, Feuar in Newpitsligo, in £1 14s. sterling, in name of fine and expences, on a complaint brought against him, by Lewis Chalmers, Factor for Sir William Forbes of Pitsligo, for shooting on that Estate without a licence.

William Hughes, John Hughes, Mary Hughes, Barbara Henderson, and Helen Henderson, accused of coining, were brought from Perth on Monday night, and lodged in the tolbooth, to take their trial before the High Court of Justiciary.

By the vigilance of the parish officer of Carlisle, another gang of vagrants, travelling with forged passes, were detected last week.  They came from Stonehaven and Aberdeen, accompanied by several children, and it would appear, were on their way to Folkestone, in Kent.  In their route they raised nearly £10 - they came through Hawick, Langholm, and Longtown.  Suspecting that their nefarious plan was detected, they decamped without calling a second time for money; the passports were detained.  Two of the women travelled under the names of Tully and Dallison.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 22nd May 1816.

15 May 2016

Sequestrated Estates of Alexander Christie and Andrew Mitchell

The following SUBJECTS, part of the Sequestrated Estates of
ALEXANDER CHRISTIE, Merchant in Aberdeen,
Whiteness of Slains, viz.

1.  THE extensive and commodious COACH MANUFACTORY, with the Blacksmiths Shop, and other conveniences attached to it, situated between Frederick-street and Prince's-street, of Aberdeen.
2.  The DWELLING HOUSE fronting King-street, lately occupied by James Smith, as a Hotel, with or without the Halls connected with it.
3.  The BUILDING AREA adjoining to the said house on the North.
4.  The DWELLING HOUSE in Frederick-street, possessed by Mr Trokes, House Painter, with the use of a Pump Well, and Bleaching Green, at the back thereof.
5. The DWELLING HOUSE possessed by Miss Brander and others, and adjoining to the one last mentioned, with the use of the said Well and Bleaching Green.
6.  TWO HOUSES in Prince's-street, opposite to those possessed by Mr Trokes and Miss Brander.
7.  The Vacant GROUND along Frederick-street, on each side of the Coach Manufactory.
8.  The STABLES, LOFTS, and COACH HOUSES, lately occupied by the said James Smith, on the north side of Prince's-street.
9.  The WRIGHT'S SHOP, and Ground adjoining to the said Stables, and others, on the west.
10.  The SHARE which belonged to the said Alex. Christie, of the Houses and Ground at the Gallowgate-head, possessed by George Christie, and others.

For farther particulars, apply to David Hutcheon, Advocate, Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th May 1816.

8 May 2016

Prisoners on the run: Hay Fleming & William Fleming


WHEREAS upon the night betwixt Sunday last the 5th and Monday the 6th days of May current, the Prison of Stonehaven was broke into, and HAY FLEMING, and WILLIAM FLEMING, sons to William Fleming, whose family reside in Aberdeen, and who is said himself to have been lately confined in Bridewell for theft, made their escape from said Prison of Stonehaven:


Is hereby offered to any person or persons, who may apprehend and bring back, the saids Hay Fleming and William Fleming, to the said Prison of Stonehaven; to be paid by John Low, Writer in Stonehaven, Procurator Fiscal of the said county, upon their doing so.

The saids Hay Fleming and William Fleming were incarcerated in the said prison upon an accusation of theft, and stealing from the Glasgow Carrier's Carts, which pass betwixt Glasgow and Aberdeen, a considerable quantity of Goods, part of which were found upon them, when they were apprehended in the foresaid county, and the remaining parts thereof were found concealed by them within various places of the County.


The said Hay Fleming is about 5 feet 6 inches high, of a darkish complexion, a little pitted with the small pos, darkish hair, and dark brown eyes, wore a short blue coat, and grey pantaloons, or a blue jacket and blue trowsers, dark vest, and round hat.

The said William Fleming is about 5 feet, 7 inches high, fair complexion, light blue eyes, brown hair, wore a green short coat, and green great coat, grey pantaloons, light spatts, and a round hat.

Stonehaven, May 6, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th May 1816.

1 May 2016

Circuit Court, Inverness

The Court met this day at 10 o'clock, A.M. when Mary McPherson, from the parish of Snizort, in Skye, accused of Child Murder, and Concealment of pregnancy, was brought to the bar.  The Advocate-Depute, in consequence of the absence of material witness, moved that the diet should be deserted pro loco et tempore, which was accordingly done, and the prisoner committed on a new warrant.

Isabella McRae, from Strathmore, in the Parish of Durness, County of Sutherland, also accused of Child Murder, and Concealment of pregnancy, was, on her own confession, found Guilty of the statutory crime, and sentenced to be imprisoned eight months in the tolbooth of Dornoch.

Daniel Forbes, accused of robbery and theft, was next brought to trial.  His indictment consisted of two charges:- the first was, that on 14th. September last, he stole from the house of John McDougal, at Clepantown, a silver watch; the second, that on 6th September, in the vicinity of a fir plantation, near Fallie, he by force and violence, took and carried away from Benjamin Henderson, and did rob him of a silver watch.  - The prisoner pled guilty to the first charge, and the second having been passed from, the Jury returned an unanimous viva voce verdict, finding him Guilty in terms of his own confession.  - After a suitable admonition from his Lordship, the prisoner was sentenced to be transported beyond seas for seven years, under the usual certification.

Donald McKilligan, accused of Hamesucken, and who has for a considerable time past annoyed the inhabitants of the town with his yells or cries, was next brought the bar.  His Counsel stated, that he was a natural fool, and consequently not a fit object of trial.  In support of this plea, Dr Kennedy, who had attended the prisoner, and one of the jailors, were adduced as witnesses, and the plea having been sustained, the prisoner was recommitted, aye and until the Magistrates of Inverness shall find sufficient caution in the Books of Adjournal, for his safe custody in a place of confinement, suited to his unfortunate situation, and the safety of the lieges.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st May 1816.

24 April 2016

Circuit court intelligence

William Lees, convicted of theft and assault, as mentioned before, received sentence of transportation for seven years, and David Kemp, convicted of theft, was sentenced to eighteen months confinement and hard labour in Bridewell.

William Strath, cattle dealer in Boghead, parish of Fyvie, accused of theft and assault, pleaded Guilty to the indictment, and was sentenced to a year's hard labour in Bridewell, and ordained to find caution to keep the peace for two years thereafter, under a penalty of 600 merks Scots.

William Forbes was indicted for the murder of John Allan, apprentice ship carpenter, on 16th March last, by stabbing him in the side with a pen-knife, on the road leading from Aberdeen along the Spittal to Old Aberdeen.  A number of witnesses were examined for the Crown, and several in exculpation of the pannel.  The Jury found, by a plurality of voices, the libel not proven; whereupon the pannel, after a suitable admonition from Lord Pitmilly, was dismissed from the bar.

William Hay, accused of theft, was upon his own petition, consented to by the Depute Advocate, banished from Scotland for life, under the usual certification.

The last trial before the Court was that of John Garden, alias Shockey de Garden, accused of three several acts of theft, and of being habit and repute a thief.  After the evidence had been gone through on the part of the Crown, the Advocate Depute restricted the libel to an arbitrary punishment, and admitted that the charge of habit and repute had not been proven.  The Jury, after deliberating for a few minutes, returned a verdict, finding the first charge not sufficiently proven, and the Pannel Guilty of the two last; whereupon he was sentenced to be transported beyond seas for seven years.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 24th April 1816.