15 September 2019

Property of Phebe Bainbridge in Portsoy


THAT HOUSE on the south side of the Harbour, formerly belonging to the deceased Phebe Bainbridge, and now to her late husband, Alex. Watson.  This property is particularly well suited for Herring Curers, or Shopkeepers; and further information respecting it, will be given, on application to P. Cameron, Writer in Banff, who will show the title deeds, and conclude a bargain.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th September 1819.

Pitcarry Farm

To be let, for such number of years as may be agreed upon, from and after Martinmas next, 1819.

THE FARM of PITCARRY, at present occupied by David Bell, and lying with a mile of the town of Bervie.  It consists of 488 Acres of Arable and Pasture Ground, has a fine exposure, and is conveniently situated for roads and markets.  The soil is good, and fit for all sorts of crops.  It is proposed to let this land in one or two farms, as may suit offerers.

For particulars, application may be made to Charles Mercer, Blackhall, Kincardine; Mr John Low, Writer, Stonehaven; or Messrs. Thomson and Fleming, W.S. Edinburgh.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th September 1819.

8 September 2019

Robert Matthew's bakery in Fraserburgh


THAT PROPERTY belonging to, and occupied by Robt. Matthew, Baker, lying on the Shore Street of Fraserburgh - consisting of a DWELLING HOUSE, SHOP, and BAKE-HOUSE, several Cellars, and Shades, and Back-yard.  This property is well worth the attention of Fish-curers, or for a Cooperage; or for a Baker, who wishes to settle.  As R. Matthew intends soon giving up the Baking business, the whole Baking Utensils may be had on very moderate terms.

The Property will be sold by the 12th November, by private bargain; and entry may be had at Whitsunday first.

For particulars, apply to the Proprietor.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th September 1819.

William Torry, Turriff


WILLIAM TORRY, MERCHANT in Turriff, having died upon the 27th ult. a Meeting of his Creditors will be held within his Dwelling House in Turriff, upon Monday the 18th curt. at Two o'clock afternoon; and as it is for the interest of his Creditors to attend said meeting, it is hoped that those who cannot do so personally, will authorise some friend to attend and act for them.
Not to be repeated.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th September 1819.

1 September 2019

Deaths at sea off Auchmithie

On the evening of Friday last, Mr Robert Barclay, ship-owner, and Mr George Simpson, merchant, went on board the brigantine Fortune, in the bay of Arbroath.  Off Auchmithie, they left the vessel to land there; but had not proceeded far, when the boat, from some accident, unfortunately upset, and both perished in the deceitful element.  The vital spark was not quite extinct in the body of Mr Barclay when brought on shore, but in a few moments disappeared.  That of Mr Simpson has never since been seen: he has left a wife and family to lament his premature and melancholy fate.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st September 1819.

Heart Cramp causes sudden death of whale fisher

On Wednesday last, a Tidesman, of the name of Symmers, on board one of the Whale Fishing Ships here, laid his head on the cabin table, a circumstance which was not for a short time taken notice of, until one of the crew, supposing him asleep, attempted to rouse him; but, on lifting up his head, found life extinct.  The deceased had, it is said, been drinking some spirits, but not in any such quantity as would hurt him; and the probable cause of his sudden death is believed to be a Heart Cramp, to which he was subject.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st September 1819.

25 August 2019

Heirs of Margaret Longmoor and Robert Milne


TO the HEIRS of the Marriage betwixt MARGARET LONGMOOR and ROBERT MILNE, sometime Farmer in Barlatch, in the parish of Rothiemay, and County of Banff, her husband; and also to the HEIRS of JOHN MILNE, Sailor on board His Majesty's Ship PITT, their Grandson.

In obedience to an Interlocutor of this date, pronounced by Lord Cringletie, in the process of multiple-poinding, depending, at the instance of John Russell, Tenant in Dalgrain, surviving Trustee of the deceased Andrew Longmoor, Factor at Kerse, against Margaret Milne and others: NOTICE is hereby given to the Children or Representatives of the said Margaret Longmoor and John Milne, and all others concerned to lodge their Claims and interests, in the hands of Mr Robt. Menzies, Depute Clerk of Session, betwixt and the 12th day of November next; with certification, that those who fail so to do, will be cut out of any share of the fund in medio.
Edinburgh, 8th July, 1819.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 25th July 1819.