21 October 2018

John Sim, King Edward, deceased


ALL those having Claims on the deceased JOHN SIM, in Sandstown of Eden, Parish of King Edward, are requested to meet at Sandstown, on Monday the 26th of October curt. when the whole Subject belonging to the Deceased, will be sold by public roup - consisting of some Stacks of Oats and Barley, with the Fodder; Turnips and Potatoes on the Ground; a Horse; two Cows; some Labouring Utensils and Household Furniture.

The roup to begin at 11 o'clock forenoon.

And those who stand indebted to the deceased, are requested (within one month from this date) to pay what they owe to Capt. James Reid, at Inverichny, who is authorised to receive the same, and grant discharges.

Inverichny, 19th Oct. 1818.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 21st October 1818.

Alexander Farquhar, Rothes


THOSE TWO TENEMENTS in the VILLAGE of ROTHES, and County of Moray, situated in the most centrical place of said Village, belonging to and at present occupied by ALEXANDER FARQUHAR, Blacksmith.  The Houses are only two years old, and can accommodate a Merchant and Blacksmith.  On one of the Tenements there is an excellent Shop and Dwelling House, well adapted for a Merchant, and on the other a Blacksmith's Shop and Dwelling House, and all the Utensils for a Blacksmith, sufficient for Three Forges, can be sold along with the shop, and a better opening in a country village seldom occurs.  They will be sold or set together or separately as offerers may incline, and offers will be received by the said A. Farquhar, between this and the 1st January, 1819, on which day the whole will be disposed of, and god bargains may be expected, as the owner intends going out to America.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 21st October 1818.

14 October 2018

Suspicious death of David Barron

David Barron, officer of excise in Aberlour division, left his house at that place on the 16th ult. and was seen by some people the same evening on his way to Grantown to attend an excise collection.  He never reached that place, however, nor was heard of till nine days after, when his body was discovered in the Spey, about two miles above Fochabers, by some people employed in floating wood down the river.  The deceased, when found, wanted his coat, and had a deep wound in his head, which has given rise to strong suspicion of his death not happening accidentally.  He was in the prime of life, and has left a widow and five young children to lament his untimely fate.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th October 1818.

David Hutcheon - reward offered


WHEREAS, upon a Petition and Complaint from STEPHEN MABERLY, Esq. to the Sheriff of Aberdeenshire, with the concourse of the Procurator Fiscal, a Warrant was granted for the apprehension of DAVID HUTCHEON, then an Overseer at the Broadford Works, respecting the purloining and embezzling Yarns and other Goods, the property of Mr. Maberly; and whereas the said David Hutcheon absconded before the Warrant could be put in execution, a 
Is hereby offered, to any person who will give such information to Hugh Fullerton, Advocate, Procurator Fiscal of the County, as may lead to his apprehension.

DAVID HUTCHEON is aged about 40 - bald head - dressed as and has the appearance of a Seaman - his right hand crippled, and smaller than the other.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 14th October 1818.

7 October 2018

Little Mill of Esslemont


There will be sold by public roup, at LITTLE MILL of ESSLEMONT, in the Parish of Ellon, on Monday the 19th curt.

THE whole STOCKING on the Farm lately possessed by the deceased ALEX. CHRYSTALL, consisting of THREE excellent WORK HORSES, FOUR fine WORK OXEN, FIVE COWS, some of which are near the Calving; a number of YOUNG STOTS and QUEYSs, of one, two, and three years old; the whole FARM UTENSILS and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BEDS, BLANKETS, BED and TABLE LINEN, &c, &c.

The roup to begin at 10 o'clock forenoon. - Credit on good security.

N.B. - At the same time there will be exposed to sale, several ACRES of good TURNIPS, to be consumed on the Farm.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th October 1818.

Public roup in Huntly


On Friday the 30th curt. there will be exposed to sale by public roup at 6 o'clock afternoon, within the house of Miss Mellis, Vintner in Huntly,

THE whole of that PROPERTY, which belonged to the late Wm. Harvey, Dyer, situated on the east side of the Square, and presently occupied by James Cruickshank, Merchant, and others, consisting of Two Shops, with Cellar below, Five Rooms, a Kitchen, two Closets, and Garrets.

The centrical situation of this Subject makes it well worth the attention of any person in a public line.

A SHARE of the HUNTLY TURNPIKE ROAD will be disposed of at the same time, if not previously sold by public bargain.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th October 1818.

30 September 2018

Lochlands property


THAT HOUSE on the TONTINE of the LANDS of LOCHLANDS, immediately opposite the New Flesh Market, and presently occupied by George Robbie and others.  The House is entirely new, and built of the very best materials.  Its situation will always command tenants.  At the back of it there is a very considerable Garden, with access by an arched passage under the house, large enough to admit any Carriage. - There is a sufficiency of Ground for erecting a Stabling, and the property is well worth the attention of any persion in that line.

For further particulars, apply to Charles Donaldson, Advocate, Adelphi.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 30th September 1818.