5 January 2020

Trust disposition by William (snr), William (jnr) & John Nicolson, Whiterashes

MEETING of the CREDITORS of WILLIAM Senior, WILLIAM Junior, and JOHN NICOLSON, Farmers in Meikle Whiterashes.

THEY having, on the 27th December curt. granted a Trust Disposition of their real and personal Estates, to Messrs. George Alexander, in Wrae; George Taylor, at Slap; John Webster, in Little Hilton; and John Cruickshank there; for behoof of their Creditors: The Trustees request a Meeting of the whole Creditors of the sais William Senior, William Junior, and John Nicolson, within the house of Mr Moir, vintner in Turriff, on Saturday the 8th January 1820, at 11 o'clock forenoon, in order to instruct the Trustees, and lodge their respective Claims with them, duly vouched.
December 27, 1819.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 5th January 1820.

Roup of Stewartfield property


There is to be Sold, by public roup, on Tuesday the 11th January curt.

THAT HOUSE, in the Village of STEWARTFIELD, belonging to GEORGE KEITH, possessed by Mr. Ballantine, Excise Officer.  The Sale to take place at 12 o'clock, forenoon; and, if not Sold, will be Let for the ensuing year.

The property will be shown by James Rickert, Stewartfield.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 5th January 1810.

29 December 2019

Sale of candle-making utensils



To be sold by Private Bargain,

ALL the CANDLE-MAKING UTENSILS, which belonged to the deceased Wm. Alexander, and since employed in the Trade by Wm. Cumming, the present Proprietor, who, having entered into another branch of business, wishes to dispose of them. - They consist of 1 METAL BOILER, with Frame and Mounting - 1 COPPER BOILER, with Frames and Mounting - 1 TALLOW PRESS  - 2  DIPPING BOXES - 4 Large TALLOW TUBS - 1 CASK or COOLER - 3 BEAMS and SCALES - a Lot of POSTS and RODS - 1 COOLING TROUGH - 36 CANDLE MOULDS in 3 Stools - 2 LARGE FRAMES - 3 COOLING BOARDS.

Huntly, now a thriving and populous town, affords an excellent opening to any person of moderate Capital, desirous of carrying on to advantage, the above business.

Further information may be obtained by applying to William Cumming, in Huntly, the present Proprietor.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 29th December 1819.

David Brebner (deceased), Aberchirder


THE Funds realized from the Subjects of the now deceased DAVID BREBNER, late in Aberchirder, will be divided among his Creditors, immediately after the 24th day of January next. - and against that day, the whole of his Creditors are required to lodge their Claims, with Oaths of Verity thereon, in the hands of Messrs. George Alexander, Merchant in Banff; or Peter Findlater, Merchant in Aberchirder; and those who neglect to do so, will be cut out from the dividend.
Banff, Dec. 27, 1819.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 29th December 1819.

22 December 2019

Farm leases near Peterhead

In the Parish of Peterhead, and County of Aberdeen, and in the Parish of St. Fergus, immediately adjoining to that of Peterhead, on the North.


MAINS of LITTLE COCLAW, occupied by Mr James Hutchison, and consisting of about 95 acres Scotch.  On this Farm there is a large Modern Dweling House, fit to accommodate a genteel family, and a proper steading of Offices, with Threshing Mill, driven by water.
COSWREEVE, and LOCHSIDE of COCLAW, consisting of two Lots, together about 160 Acres, which may be lt together, or separately, or both of them along with the Mains to which they adjoin.

Several LOTS on GRANGE, from 4 to 38 Acres which may be let, separately, or together.  The above can all be entered to immediately, or at Whitsunday first.


Acres Scotch
Kinloch, possessed by                    Mr George Falconer, and containing about
James Innes
North Blackwater
John Mackie
Wm. Gavin
Jas, Jaffray
Cumine Lillie
Thos. Shives

All these Farms have been occupied on improving Leases, each of them having a proportion of old Pasture Grass.  A great part of them is enclosed, and they have good Farm Houses and Offices, and some of them Threshing Machines.  They are situated near the Sea-shore, where there is Sea Ware and Shell Sand.  The Turnpike Road from Peterhead to Fraserburgh passes through or is near to the whole of the Farms.  Entry at Whitsunday first, or Whitsunday 1821, as may be agreed on; unless as to Kinloch, the present Tack on which expires at Whitsunday 1822.

Alexander Reid, at Burnside of Cocklaw, will shew the Lands of Cocklaw and Grange; and john Smith, Wright, at Kirktown of St. Fergus, the Ground-officer, will shew the Farms in that parish; and enquiry as to particulars of letting may be made at Mr Duncan Davidson, Advocate, Belmont Street, Aberdeen; or James Mitchell, at Taitswall, near Old Deer.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 22nd December 1819.

James Martin, Mill Wright

To the CREDITORS of JAMES MARTIN, Mill Wright in Aberdeen

IT is requested, that those having Claims on the said JAMES MARTIN, will immediately, or at any rate before the 1st of January, lodge the same, with John D. Milne, Advocate, Guestrow; or William Gray, Town House.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 22nd December 1819.

15 December 2019

Sale of Fraserburgh property


THAT HOUSE, GARDEN, and other Premises, in the head of Manse Street, presently occupied by Andrew Lamb.  The Garden is enclosed by high walls, is well stocked with Fruit-trees, and Berry-bushes.

Being situate in the centre betwixt the Harbour and Broadsea Shore, is well adapted for a Fish-yard and Cooperage.

For farther particulars, apply to Baillie Chalmers, Fraserburgh; or John Hardy, Merchant, Rathen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th December 1819.