19 March 2017

Forged notes: four men in custody

It would appear from the investigation which has taken place here, respecting the uttering of forged Bank of England Notes, that several persons have been concerned, and that the plan had succeeded to a considerable extent.  It seems, however, to be now completely checked in this quarter.  At present the following persons are in custody, on suspicion of being implicated, viz. Thomas Watson, weaver, William Campbell, cattle-dealer, Andrew Sangster, vintner, and James Henderson, egg-merchant; such of them as may be ultimately committed for trial, it is supposed, will be immediately removed to Edinburgh, to stand trial before the High Court of Justiciary.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 19th March 1817.

James Dempster, Keith


To be sold, by private bargain, on the 4th day of April next, at 12 o'clock noon, within the house of Robert Gordon, vintner,

THAT HOUSE and GARDEN, lately occupied by James Dempster, Thread Manufacturer, in the Moss-street of Keith, consisting of Four Rooms, two of which were lately finished, and in good order; well situated for an Inn, or any public business, as the turnpike road from Aberdeen to Inverness passes directly by it.

For further particulars, apply to  Peter Milne, Wright in Keith, who will shew the premises and receive offers.

Entry to the whole may be had immediately.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 19th March 1817.

12 March 2017

Public roup in Banff


There will be exposed to sale by public roup, within the Court House of Banff, upon Tuesday, the first day of April next, at 12 o'clock noon,

THAT TENEMENT of HOUSES, with the BACK GROUND and PERTINENTS, in the Low Street at Banff, which formerly belonged to James Milne, sometime Merchant in Gottenburgh.

The Subjects lie in the most centrical part of the Town, near the Cross.  There are materials upon the premises for Building, and immediate access may be had.

The conditions of sale may be seen, by applying to the Chamberlain or Town Clerk.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th March 1817.

North Tassetshill Farm

In the parish of Logie, to be Let.

THE FARM of NORTH TASSETSHILL, as presently possessed by Andrew Cowie, will be let for 15 years and crops.  Entry immediately.  It consists of about 60 acres of ground, all arable, except a piece of rich meadow grass, along the burn, which forms the north boundary.  The arable land has been all fallowed and limed, and kept since under a regular rotation of cropping, so that on examination it will be found in a condition favourable for a tenant.  The Houses will be put in perfect repair, and delivered over on inventory.

Andrew Cowie, the present tenant, will shew the ground; and offers, in writing will be received by Mr Jopp, Advocate in Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th March 1817.

5 March 2017

Property of James Cruickshank, deceased


THAT FEU-TENEMENT in Oldmeldrum, with the HOUSES, YARDS, and PERTINENTS, which sometime belonged to James Cruickshank, Shoemaker in Balhagarty, and now to his heirs.

John Davidson, Shoemaker in Oldmeldrum, will shew the premises; and for further particulars, application may be made to Alexander Webster, Advocate in Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 5th March 1817.

Gaval farm leases


THE following FARMS and MILL on the Estate of GAVAL in the Parish of Old Deer, are to be let.  Entry at Whitsunday and Martinman 1818, viz. -

The PLACE TACK, possessed by Cumine Simpson, and Wm. Milne.
The MAINS, possessed by William Simpson.
MILLTOWN, possessed by George Reid.
BRAEHEAD, possessed by Joseph Diack.
GREENS, possessed by George Kelman.
The MILL and MILL CROFT, possessed by William Simpson, junior.

The greater part of these Lands is of superior quality.  The turnpike roads to Aberdeen, Peterhead, and Fraserburgh, pass through the Estate, which enjoys many other local advantages.  The Mill has a sucken of 12 ploughs of fine land, astricted in payment of multures of one-thirteenth part.  There is also a Barley Mill; and both are well supplied with water at all times.

Part of the Land along the side of the Turnpike Road will be laid off in small Possessions, suitable for Tradesmen and Labourers.

The proprietor, being desirous to have substantial and improving tenants, will give every reasonable encouragement to those of that description.

The day of letting will be afterwards advertised; and, in the mean time, application may be made to Andrew Joss, Advocate in Aberdeen; or John Anderson at Strichen, Factor on the Estate.

26 February 2017

Margaret Birnie, a girl ten years old, was on Wednesday night burnt to death, in consequence of a quantity of tow, which was wrapped round her waist, having caught fire, while she was trimming her lamp.  The neighbours heard the shrieks of the girl; but took it for granted that her mother was administering parental chastisement, till they were alarmed by the smell of the burning.  The mother had gone out a short time for work - leaving two younger children in bed, and the charge of the house to the unfortunate sufferer.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th February 1817.