8 March 2012

Ordiquhill Kirk Session Minutes, 8th March, 1812

Session met &c.  Compeared Mary Murchie in Ridinghill and acknowledged that she was with Child And gave James George a married man Chaise driver to Sir George Abercromby as the Father of her Child.  She was suitably exhorted and desired to attend the Session,when an Answer was received from the Min[iste]r. of Forglen, to whom the Mod[erato]r. agreed to write And cause their Officer Summon Jas. George to attend this Session Sunday March 29th.

[to be continued]

Ordiquhill Kirk Session Minutes, 1812 (NAS Ref: CH2/291/3)
Kirk Session Registers are available to search at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh and at local archives throughout Scotland.

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