4 March 2012

David Walker, Bervie: unexpected death

On the morning of the 1st instant, David Walker, 32 years of age, a poor labouring man of the town of Bervie, was found dead on the side of the street near the Lodging Well.  His body was carefully inspected by a Surgeon in the presence of the Magistrates, but no marks of violence were o be seen; hence the cause of his death could not be ascertained.  He had been sent to Mr Stephen's at Warburton (about 10 miles from Bervie) with a horse on Saturday afternoon, and left that about five or six o'clock, seemingly in good health.  He was a sober, industrious man, and what makes his premature death the more lamentable, is, that he has left a Widow and five young children, herself with the sixth, in very poor circumstances.  The smallest sums for the relief of this destitute family will be thankfully received by Baillies Walker and Gray, Mr Warbie, Dr Guthrie, and Captain Guthrie, Bervie.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 4th March, 1812.

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