2 October 2011

Farms in the Mearns to be let

To be let for 19 years from Martinmas first,


1.  MAINS of HATTON, as possessed by Mr John Ferrier.  It contains, besides a considerable quantity of pasture, about 200 acres of arable land, capable of bearing crops of all kinds; and is in the neighbourhood of lime, and good markets, being about six miles from Brechin, and five miles from Montrose, with which the communication will be rendered still better by the Bridge about to built ovr the River Northesk at Marykirk.

2. The Lands of KIRKTOWN of FOURDOUN, together with the INN, as presently possessed by William taylour.  They consist of about 80 acres of arable land, well adapted both to the wheat and turnip husbandry, and 40 acres in pasture.

Every reasonable encouragement will be given for the improvement of both these farms, the entry to which will, in every respect, be favourable.  They will be shown by the Baron Officer at Hatton and at Fourdoun.

Offers in writing will be received, till the middle of September next, at Arbuthnott House, near Bervie, and by Messrs. Dundas & Irving, W.S. Edinburgh.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd October, 1811.

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