17 July 2011

Farms of Aldtoun & Scattery, Ordiquhill


To be Let, and entered to at the term of Whitsunday next, 1812,

THE Farm of ALDTOUN, on the Estate of PARK, in the parish of Ordequhill, as presently possessed by Alexander Dean, consisting of about ninety acres of land, besides a range of hill pasture, and well accommodated with moss for firing.  The farm lyes in the vicinity of the markets of Cornhil, and is well adapted for rearing cattle.  The turnpike road leading from Banff to Keith and Huntly passes through the estate, and the other roads in the parish are in the best state, and equal to turnpike.


The Town and Lands of SCATTERTY, adjoining to the foresaid farm of Aldtoun, as possessed by James Mitchell and others, the Leases upon which only expire at Whitsunday, 1813, and will be let in one or more farms as tenants may incline.

Every encouragement for building and inclosing will be given to a substantial tenant; and application may be made to Mr Gordon, the proprietor, at the House of Park.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 17th July, 1811.

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