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2 December 2012

Robert Grant, Blairfindy


THAT upon Friday the 20th day of November, 1812, ROBERT GRANT, Subtenant in Blairfundy, parish of Inveraven, and county of Banff, ABSCONDED from Justice, as several Warrants were issued against him to apprehend him upon a Charge of FORGERY.

Description: - He is about five feet eleven inches high, black complexion, red whiskers; when he left the country, he had on a dark blue jacket, white pantaloons, and wore an ordinary coarse hat.

Any person or persons who shall apprehend the said Robert Grant, and lodge him in any of His Majesty's Jails, and will send the receipt of the jailor of the jail he is in custody in, to Arthur Reid, writer in Tarland, by Aberdeen, or Charles Gordon, in St. Bridget, by Mortlach, Banffshire, will receive TEN POUNDS Sterling as a Reward; with all expences incurred upon apprehending him.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd December, 1812.

6 November 2010


John McDonald, at Hillhead of Morange, in the parish of Inveraven, was convicted, in a Justice of Peace Court held at Banff on the 5th curt. of having set gins, or snares, in parcels of corn, on the moor adjoining to his house, to decoy and hang game, and sentenced to pay a penalty of L. 100 Scots, in terms of the statute 1594, cap. 210; and failing payment of that sum within eight days, to be imprisoned in the Tolbooth of Banff till payment thereof: an example which, it is expected, will deter others from using such unlawful and murderous engines for the destruction of game in future.

Published in The Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 7th November, 1810.