30 November 2014

Banffshire Ploughing Competition

Ploughing Match, Upper District of Banffshire. - The Ploughing Competition for the Premiums allowed by the Highland Society of Scotland to the best Ploughmen in the parishes of Kirkmichael, Inveraven, Mortlach, Boharm, Aberlour, Knockando, and those parts of the parish of Rothes lying above the village of Rothes, took place on Friday the 18th day of November current, on a Field of Mr J. Grant of Arndilly's Farm of Wester Gauldwell, in the parish of Boharm, in presence of George McPherson Grant of Ballindalloch, Convener, and a Committee of the Society: 25 Ploughs started, 21 of which were drawn by two horses, and 4 by two oxen each.  The whole work was performed in a masterly manner, and with great regularity and dispatch; and the judges were considerably difficulted in selecting the best performances - but after mature deliberation, they awarded the Premiums as follows:-

1st, Three Guineas and a Silver Medal, to Alex. Gauld, servant to Captain John Watt, in Nethercluny, Mortlach.

2d, Two Guineas, and a Silver Medal, to Alex. Grant, servant to James Hay, in Tininver, Mortlach parish.

3d, Two Guineas, to George Duncan, servant to Mr McDowal Grant of Arndilly, Boharm parish - whose Plough was drawn by a pair of oxen.

4th, One Guinea and a Half, to John Russel, servant to Patrick Stewart, Esq. of Auchluncart, Boharm parish.

5th, One Guinea, to James Morison, servant to Mr Wm. Anderson, in Drumbain, Rothes parish.

6th, Half-a-Guinea, to James Horn, servant to Wm. Marshall, Esq. Keithmore, Mortlach parish.

A competition of this kind being new in the district, a great many practical farmers, and a vast concourse of spectators, attended from all quarters of the country, who were all highly delighted with the performance, and who made a liberal contribution, which was distributed among the unsuccessful candidates.

The convener and members of the committee, the judges, and a number of respectable farmers, afterwards dined together, at the Inn of Elchies, New Village of Charlestown of Aberlour; when Resolutions were entered into for establishing an Agricultural Society, under such regulations as cannot fail of being highly beneficial to this district of country.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 30th November 1814.

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