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23 March 2014

John Gordon, baker in Forres


To the DEBTORS of the late JOHN GORDON, Baker in Forres,


CHARLES GORDON, second Son, and universal Disponee and Executor, nominated by the said JOHN GORDON, earnestly requests, in compliance with the desire of the Creditors, that all those INDEBTED to the deceased, will make immediate payment to him, to prevent unnecessary expense.  Mr. GORDON also begs to intimate, that how soon his Titles are completed to his Father's Estates, and other Property, the whole, or greater part thereof, will be Sold in LOTS, to be afterwards described; meantime, intending purchasers may please apply to him, at Forres, or to THOMAS SELLAR, Esq. of Westfield, writer in Elgin, for further information.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd March 1814.

2 February 2014

Charles Gordon/Alexander Knight


DIED at George Anderson's, Badyfash, on the second day of January, 1814, a Poor Travelling Man, who called himself CHARLES GORDON, but by some papers found it would appear his real name was ALEXANDER KNIGHT; he said he was a native near Boyndie, or Banff; some money was found on him; and he was decently interred at Rayne.

Any of his relations, by calling at George Anderson, Badyfash, parish of Fyvie, will receive what is over paying funeral charges.  If not claimed within two months, it will be given to the poor of the parish.

Badyfash, 27th January, 1814.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd February 1814.

2 December 2012

Robert Grant, Blairfindy


THAT upon Friday the 20th day of November, 1812, ROBERT GRANT, Subtenant in Blairfundy, parish of Inveraven, and county of Banff, ABSCONDED from Justice, as several Warrants were issued against him to apprehend him upon a Charge of FORGERY.

Description: - He is about five feet eleven inches high, black complexion, red whiskers; when he left the country, he had on a dark blue jacket, white pantaloons, and wore an ordinary coarse hat.

Any person or persons who shall apprehend the said Robert Grant, and lodge him in any of His Majesty's Jails, and will send the receipt of the jailor of the jail he is in custody in, to Arthur Reid, writer in Tarland, by Aberdeen, or Charles Gordon, in St. Bridget, by Mortlach, Banffshire, will receive TEN POUNDS Sterling as a Reward; with all expences incurred upon apprehending him.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd December, 1812.