21 October 2018

John Sim, King Edward, deceased


ALL those having Claims on the deceased JOHN SIM, in Sandstown of Eden, Parish of King Edward, are requested to meet at Sandstown, on Monday the 26th of October curt. when the whole Subject belonging to the Deceased, will be sold by public roup - consisting of some Stacks of Oats and Barley, with the Fodder; Turnips and Potatoes on the Ground; a Horse; two Cows; some Labouring Utensils and Household Furniture.

The roup to begin at 11 o'clock forenoon.

And those who stand indebted to the deceased, are requested (within one month from this date) to pay what they owe to Capt. James Reid, at Inverichny, who is authorised to receive the same, and grant discharges.

Inverichny, 19th Oct. 1818.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 21st October 1818.

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