1 July 2018

Charles Marr, Strichen

To the CREDITORS and DEBTORS of CHAs. MARR, Merchant in Strichen.

THE said Charles Marr having executed a Trust Disposition in favour of James Knowles and William Pirie, Merchants in Aberdeen, and Alexander Webster, Advocate there, on behoof of his Creditors; all those having Claims against him, are requested to lodge the same, properly vouched, with the said Alex. Webster; and such as Indebted to him, are desired to pay the sums due by them, to John Woodman, Auctioneer in Strichen, or to the said Alex. Webster, within One Month from this date, to prevent expences.
Aberdeen, June 26, 1818.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st July 1818.

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