13 August 2017

Kincardineshire farm leases

To be Let for Six Years, and Crops,
THE FARMS of KEELBURN and SPURRYHILLOCK, and CROFT of BARNHILL, with the exception of those parts of Spurryhillock, possessed by Mr Cream and Mr Taylor.  Barnhill, and some part of Keelburn, are in the Parish of Garvock; the rest of that Farm, and all Spurryhillock, in the Parish of Laurencekirk, and very near to the town of Laurencekirk.  The Arable Lands have been highly improved.

Entry can be had to the Arable Lands at the separation of the present Crop from the Ground, and to the Houses at the same time, reserving right to thresh out the Crop: the Fodder of which the tenant will have at a valuation to fixed by men mutually chosen.

For particulars, apply to John Brand, Writer, Stonehaven.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 13th August 1817.

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