13 August 2017

Cuminestown Gardener Friendly Society

On the 29th of July last, was held the Annual General Meeting of the Cuminestown Gardener Friendly Society, when, after examining the state of the Funds, which was highly satisfactory to the Meeting, and transacting the other business of the day, which was done amicably and agreeably, they proceeded to the Election of Office-bearers for the ensuing year:-

Unanimously Elected Honorary Master;
JOHN LAMB, Elected Master;
James Irvine, depute-master; James Taylor, treasurer; Hugh Allan, secretary, William Jaffrey, and Archibald Leid, stewards; and George Cheyne, clerk; Messrs Alex. Philip, Alex Pirie, James Jaffray, John Lorimer, James Brown, William Smith, Peter Tennant, John Cruickshank, and George Wilson, managers; and Alex. Johnston, officer.  The Members then held a Procession, and Dined in the Society Hall.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 13th August 1817.

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