4 June 2017

John Birnie, Brucklay


SUCH of the Creditors of JOHN BIRNIE, late in Brucklay, now in New Pitsligo, as have not lodged their Claims against him, are requested to do so, before the 24th June next, with Messrs. Robert Jamieson, Atherb, or Alex. Forrest, Brucklay, Trustees for his creditors; otherwise they will receive no share of the funds already realized, which are to be divided by the trustees on that day.

And such of the said John Birnie's Debtors as have not yet paid the amount due by them, are requested to do so to the said trustees, before said day, otherwise prosecutions will immediately hereafter be raised against them.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 4th June 1817.

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