8 May 2016

Prisoners on the run: Hay Fleming & William Fleming


WHEREAS upon the night betwixt Sunday last the 5th and Monday the 6th days of May current, the Prison of Stonehaven was broke into, and HAY FLEMING, and WILLIAM FLEMING, sons to William Fleming, whose family reside in Aberdeen, and who is said himself to have been lately confined in Bridewell for theft, made their escape from said Prison of Stonehaven:


Is hereby offered to any person or persons, who may apprehend and bring back, the saids Hay Fleming and William Fleming, to the said Prison of Stonehaven; to be paid by John Low, Writer in Stonehaven, Procurator Fiscal of the said county, upon their doing so.

The saids Hay Fleming and William Fleming were incarcerated in the said prison upon an accusation of theft, and stealing from the Glasgow Carrier's Carts, which pass betwixt Glasgow and Aberdeen, a considerable quantity of Goods, part of which were found upon them, when they were apprehended in the foresaid county, and the remaining parts thereof were found concealed by them within various places of the County.


The said Hay Fleming is about 5 feet 6 inches high, of a darkish complexion, a little pitted with the small pos, darkish hair, and dark brown eyes, wore a short blue coat, and grey pantaloons, or a blue jacket and blue trowsers, dark vest, and round hat.

The said William Fleming is about 5 feet, 7 inches high, fair complexion, light blue eyes, brown hair, wore a green short coat, and green great coat, grey pantaloons, light spatts, and a round hat.

Stonehaven, May 6, 1816.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 8th May 1816.

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