1 May 2016

Circuit Court, Inverness

The Court met this day at 10 o'clock, A.M. when Mary McPherson, from the parish of Snizort, in Skye, accused of Child Murder, and Concealment of pregnancy, was brought to the bar.  The Advocate-Depute, in consequence of the absence of material witness, moved that the diet should be deserted pro loco et tempore, which was accordingly done, and the prisoner committed on a new warrant.

Isabella McRae, from Strathmore, in the Parish of Durness, County of Sutherland, also accused of Child Murder, and Concealment of pregnancy, was, on her own confession, found Guilty of the statutory crime, and sentenced to be imprisoned eight months in the tolbooth of Dornoch.

Daniel Forbes, accused of robbery and theft, was next brought to trial.  His indictment consisted of two charges:- the first was, that on 14th. September last, he stole from the house of John McDougal, at Clepantown, a silver watch; the second, that on 6th September, in the vicinity of a fir plantation, near Fallie, he by force and violence, took and carried away from Benjamin Henderson, and did rob him of a silver watch.  - The prisoner pled guilty to the first charge, and the second having been passed from, the Jury returned an unanimous viva voce verdict, finding him Guilty in terms of his own confession.  - After a suitable admonition from his Lordship, the prisoner was sentenced to be transported beyond seas for seven years, under the usual certification.

Donald McKilligan, accused of Hamesucken, and who has for a considerable time past annoyed the inhabitants of the town with his yells or cries, was next brought the bar.  His Counsel stated, that he was a natural fool, and consequently not a fit object of trial.  In support of this plea, Dr Kennedy, who had attended the prisoner, and one of the jailors, were adduced as witnesses, and the plea having been sustained, the prisoner was recommitted, aye and until the Magistrates of Inverness shall find sufficient caution in the Books of Adjournal, for his safe custody in a place of confinement, suited to his unfortunate situation, and the safety of the lieges.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st May 1816.

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