20 July 2014

Building Stance on Commerce Street


To be sold by public roup, within the Lemon Tree Tavern of Aberdeen, on Thursday the 28th day of July, curt. at 6 o'clock, afternoon,

A BUILDING STANCE of Forty Feet in front, along the west side of COMMERCE STREET, extending backward to the property of the Sugar House Company, and bounded on the south by the area on which a Dwelling House was sometime ago erected by William Scott, stone cutter, together with the sheds on the stance here advertised presently possessed by Mr Watson, cooper.

The vicinity of this piece of ground to the Quay, and the small feu duty payable from it, being only £5 yearly, with a duplicand at Martin 1816, and every 21 years thereafter, in full of all casualties, render it an object to merchants and others wishing accommodation in that neighbourhood.

The Writes and articles of roup will be shewn by Mr Blaikie, Advocate in Aberdeen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 20th July 1814.

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