27 July 2014

Strichen Farms & Crofts


THE undernoted POSSESSIONS on the Estate of STRICHEN, will be let for such a number of years as may be agreed upon.  Entry at Whitsunday 1815 :-

Possessions                      Possessors                                                 Acres
HILLHEAD,                      John Brebner,                                              about 24
BURNTACK,                    James Henderson,                                       about 30
AUCHNORIE,                  James Calder,                                              about 5
HILLSIDE,                        William Murison,                                          about 5

These small possessions ly within a little distance of the village of Mormond, are in general good land, and very commodious.

For particulars, application may be made to John Anderson, factor at Strichen; and James Horn, ground officer, will shew the premises.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 27th July 1814.

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