15 June 2014

Sale of Leather in Brechin

Sale To-morrow.


To be Sold by roup, at the TAN-WORK of the late PATRICK LAING, in BRECHIN, on Thurday the 16th day of June curt.

100 SHOE-HIDES - 170 Crop Hides, partly fit for dressing - 6½  Furniture Hides - 22 dozen Calf Skins - 2 dozen Binders Do. - 21 Horse Hides - 34 Sheep Skins - 9 Seal Skins - 3½  English Crop-Hides - 3 Bend Hides - 3 pairs of Boot Legs - 2 to 5 Cwt. Roundings - about 1½ tons Oak Bark - several Casks of Oil - Tanning and Currying Utensils - a Bark Mill - and various other articles.

The roup will begin at 11 o'clock forenoon.  Three months credit will be given.

Intimation is also made to those Indebted to the Estate of Mr Laing, that if they do not pay before the day of roup, they will be prosecuted; and his Creditors are again requested to lodge their Claims by that time, with George Anderson, Writer in Brechin, if not already lodged.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th June 1814.

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