15 June 2014

Alexander Lyall, fraudulent trader

Last week, a stranger, calling himself Alexander Lyall, having very much the appearance of one of the Tribe of Levi, came to this city as a dealer in Quills, and other stationary articles; and by pretending that he sold his goods considerably under the London Wholesale prices, had the address to dispose of a good many of his articles to several unsuspecting individuals.  On Monday he was apprehended, and brought before the sitting Magistrate; and it having appeared that the goods were of a very inferior quality, and that he had been guilty of great imposition and fraud, he was fined in Five Guineas, on that account, as well as being an unfree trader, and encroaching on the privileges of the Burgesses.  There seems to be an inundation of these gentry at present infesting the country; and we cannot too much caution the inhabitants against countenancing them, or buying their goods; we also hope the officers of Police will be on the alter, to detect them, and bring them before the Magistrates, when they make their appearance here.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 15th June 1814.

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