29 June 2014

Farm leases at Birkenbog, Fordyce


To be Let, and entered to at Whitsunday 1815,

THE following FARMS, on the Estate of Birkenbog, viz:

The UPPER MAINS of BIRKENBOG, possessed by James Murray, Esq.

MILL and MILL LANDS of TOWIE, possessed by Ditto.

CLASHENDAMER, as lately possessed by the deceased Peter Geddes.

And the two Pendicles of CLASHENDAMER, formerly attached to Mains of Birkenbog and Towie, which will be let separately, or along with these Farms, as offerers may incline.

Mains of Birkenbog consists of upwards of 80 acres, and Towie of upwards of 100 acres of excellent arable land, besides a considerable extent of pasture and improveable grounds.  They are situated in the most fertile district of Banffshire, near the sea coast, and almost adjoining the turnpike road from Portsoy to Cullen.

Proposals, in writing, may be given in to Sir George Abercromby, Baronet, Forglen-House, by Turriff; or to Archibald Young, Writer in Banff, who will inform as to other particulars.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 29th June 1814.

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