19 January 2014

James Sangster, New Deer


A DIVIDEND of the whole proceeds of the subjects which belonged to JAMES SANGSTER, Shoemaker in Rumblinpots, parish of New Deer, will be made on Monday the 31st of January inst. within the house of Mr Stewart, vintner, Mormond Village, by 10 o'clock forenoon.  And such of his Creditors as have not lodged their claims, are desired to lodge them, with affidavit thereon, with John Woodman, at Old-manse, Strichen, previous to said day; and such as fail to comply with this intimation, will not be entitled to any share of the proceeds of the said James Sangster's subjects. - [Not to be repeated.]
Strichen, 14th Jan. 1814.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 19th January 1814.

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