12 January 2014

Skelmuir Estate Farm Leases


The following FARMS and CROFTS on the ESTATE of SKELMUIR, belonging to the Hon. William Gordon of Ellon, are to be Let for 19 years, from Whitsunday next, viz.

Newton, possesssed by James Robertson, containing about 70A, 3R 30F Arable, 18A, 2R 34F Pasture
Croft on Newton, possessed by John Watt, 9A, 3R, 14F Arable, 3A, 0R, 31F Pasture
North Croft on Newton, 4A, 0R, 5F Arable, 2A, 3R, 35F Pasture
Weavers Croft on Newton, possessed by John Taylor, 5A, 3R, 18F Arable, 0A, 1R, 20F Pasture
Smiths Croft, possessed by James Mathew, 2A, 2R, 33F Arable, 1A, 3R, 22F Pasture
Spithill, possessed by James Greig, 57A, 0R, 24F Arable, 4A, 3R, 39F Pasture
North part of How, possessed by W. Robertson, 47A, 3R, 19F Arable, 10A, 0R, 8F Pasture
South part of How, possessed by John Shuan, 56A, 2R, 2F Arable, 3A, 2R, 5F Pasture
Croft of How, 5A, 2R, 9F Arable, 2A, 2R, 13F Pasture
Stonekiln, possessed by John Smith, 21A, 3R, 32F Arable, 3A, 2R, 28F Pasture
Windfold, possessed by John Finlay, 71A, 2R, 34F Arable, 8A, 2R, 28F Pasture
Parcock, possessed by William Sim, 28A, 2R, 11F Arable, 2A, 2R, 21F Pasture
Croft at Mosside, 9A, 0R, 1F Arable, 0A, 3R, 5F Pasture
Croft at Mosside south of former, 6A, 2R, 55F Arable 3A, 1R, 39F Pasture
Laverock Cairn, possessed by David Bodie, 6A, 2R, 34F Arable, 0A, 3R, 5F Pasture
Red Stones, possessed by Geo. Taylor, 9A, 0R, 7F Arable, 1A, 2R, 31F Pasture
North Croft of Cortiecram, possessed by Al. Smith, 6A, 1R, 1F Arable, 1A, 3R, 5F Pasture
Green Croft of Cortiecram, possessed by Al. Scott, 23A, 3R, 8F Arable, 3A, 1R, 10F Pasture
Cortiecram, possessed by John Steven, 69A, 0R, 11F Arable, 16A, 1R, 23F Pasture
Upper Hawk Hillock, possessed by John Morrison, 70A, 2R, 27F Arable, 17A, 0R, 19F Pasture
East Tack part of Upper Hawk Hillock, possessed by John Shepherd, 19A, 3R, 17F Arable, 14A, 0R, 6F Pasture
Croft at Ardallie, possessed by Al. Watt, 3A, 3R, 5F Arable, 14A, 3R, 4F Pasture
Nether Hawk Hillock, possessed by Andrew Gray, 92A, 2R, 26F Arable, 28A, 2R, 23F Pasture
Walk Mill, possessed by John Gray, 5A, 1R, 3F Arable, 2A, 2R, 18F Pasture

For farther particulars, application may be made to Andrew Davidson, advocate in Aberdeen.  William Sim, ground-officer upon the estate, will show the possessions.

There are also to be Let, for 19 years from Whitsunday next, several small Possessions on the Estate of Ellon.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th January 1814.

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