6 October 2013

John McIntosh (deceased): sale of goods


THE whole Stock of GOODS, which belonged to the deceased JOHN McINTOSH, Merchant, is to be Sold by Auction, within the Mason Lodge of Stonehaven.  The goods consist of a great variety of Broad and Narrow, Superfine and Coarse Cloths; Cassimers, Corduroys, Nankeens, and Stocking for Pantaloons, &c.; Waistcoat Pieces; Flannels, Baizes, Serges, and Plaiding; Prints, Cotton and Linen for Shirting, &c.; Ticking, Check, Tartan, and Duffle; Silk and Cotton Handkerchiefs; Muslins, Laces, and Ribbands; Hats, Umbrellas, and Gloves; Spades, Shovels, Scythes, and Brushes; Table Knives and Forks, Pen Knives, Scissors, Spectacles, Buttons, &c.; Gun Powder and Shot, Snuff and Tobacco, Tea, Sugar, Starch, Paper &c. &c.

The whole Stock is in the best condition, being almost all newly laid in, and composes a complete assortment of Clothiery, Haberdashery, and Grocery Goods.  Every thing is to be Sold off without reserve, in such quantities as purchasers may choose, and the Sale is well worth the attention of the public, and particularly of dealers in the above articles.

The Sale will begin at 10 o'clock forenoon, on Monday the 11th of October next, and will continue daily until the whole is Sold off.  Credit will be given for Six months, and farther particulars may be learned by applying to David Fairweather, Auctioneer, Stonehaven.

Stonehaven.  Sept. 27, 1813.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 6th October 1813.

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