6 October 2013

Auchmedden Quarries


THE Farm of NETHERMILL of AUCHMEDDEN, in the parish of Aberdour, - and
The MILL STONE QUARRIES of AUCHMEDDEN, or PENNAN, all in occupation at present of JOHN BRUCE.

Nethermill Farm consists of about 40 acres of fine rich land, in high cultivation, which may be entered to at next Whitsunday.  

The Pennan Quarries have long been in repute, as affording Mill Stones of the best and most approved quality, which accordingly are in great demand over all the island.  Being immediately contiguous to the Shore, they have the advantage, (a very valuable one,) of easy conveyance by water, to any part of the coast, either of Scotland or England; and by a Tenant of capital and enterprize, may be wrought to great account.  Entry at Hallow-day first.

The proprietor will give every encouragement to intending offerers, and further particulars may be learned by applying to the Rev. GEORGE FORBES, New, Strathdon.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 6th October 1813.

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