1 September 2013

William Law jailed for theft

Friday last, the 20th current, a man of the name of William Law, was committed to the jail at Stonehaven, under suspicion of having committed the crime of theft.  On an investigation having taken place, the crime was partly proven against him, and he, on Wednesday evening last, about midnight, made his escape, by burning as much of the door (it being the debtor's room, and of course, wood) as allowed him to get out into the large apartment that is presently occupied as a public kitchen, and then, by forcing out the glass and wood of one of the windows, he got out at a stanchion that had been cut on a former occasion of the like nature.  It is reported that he was seen on the Slugg road, which leads from Stonehaven to Deeside, about nine miles on the road; the constables are in pursuit of him; and a reward of 20 guineas is offered for his apprehension.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st September 1813.

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