24 January 2013

Durris Kirk Session Minutes, 24th January 1813

After Sermon, the Session met in the Church, and being constitute by prayer, compeared Jean Thomson in Brachmont, who adhered to her former confession & compeared at the same time William Smith and absolutely denied ever being guilty with her.

Jean Thomson being asked when she was delivered of her child, answered on Old New Year's day, being Tuesday the twelfth of this present month of January.  Being farther asked, if she had not, on the 29th of November last, declared in the Session; that William Smith was guilty with her in the Fields on the second week of May last, as she thought, but did not remember the particular day (now, if William Smith had been guilty with you at the time you think, you should not have been delivered of your child untill the middle of February ensuing)  Answered; that William Smith had been guilty with her frequently; but hoping (the time she emitted the former declaration) he might acknowledge his being the Father of her child; she did not choose to mention that circumstance.  Being farther asked; if she could bring any witnesses to prove; that William Smith frequented her Father's House, and of his being at any time or times seen with her in her Father's House, Answered she could.  She was desired to bring them to the Session.

Durris Session Minutes, 1813, NAS Reference: CH2/651/4)
Kirk Session Registers are available to search at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh and at local archives throughout Scotland.

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