20 January 2013

Alexander Mathison, victim of robbery


WHEREAS on the evening of Wednesday last, betwixt the hours of 7 and 8 o'clock, ALEXANDER MATHISON, servant to LieutCol. R.W. Duff of Fetteresso, was attacked on the high road betwixt the Dykes of Hyndwalls, as he was returning home from Stonehaven, knocked down to the ground, and robbed, by two men who jumped over the dyke, from a belt of planting adjacent, of his Pocket Book, containing Two Bank Notes and Nineteen Shillings sterling in Silver:

is hereby offered, by the county of Kincardine, and

by the said Lieut. Colonel Robert William Duff of Fetteresso, to any person or persons who will discover the persons who committed the said ROBBERY, to be paid on conviction of any one or more of them, by John Low writer in Stonehaven, Procurator Fiscal, of the County of Kincardine. 

One of the persons, who committed the robbery, held the said Alexander Mathison forcibly down upon the ground and keeped his hand on his mouth, to prevent him calling out for assistance, while the other rifled his pockets, and robbed him of his Pocket Book and Money before mentioned.  The Pocket Book has the initial letters of the said Alexander Mathison's name marked in the inside of it, in gilt letters. 

On of these men appeared to be nearly six feet high, had on a Great Duffle Coat, apparently of a brownish colour; and it is thought, that he bears the cut or mark of a stroke, on the face or head, occasioned by a stroke which the said Alexander Mathison gave him, with the stick he had in his hand, before he was knocked down himself by the other man from behind him.

The said robber appeared to be well limbed, thick made, pitted in the face with the small pox, with very large whiskers, and appeared to be betwixt 35 and 40 years of age.  He wore a dark blue short Coat, with clear metal buttons, green velvet Breeches, and black Spatts; the person who was robbed thinks he would know this man last described, if he saw him again.

It is earnestly requested, that all Magistrates and Officers of the Law may secure any suspicious persons of this description, who may appear in their bounds and cannot give a sufficient account of themselves, and send notice thereof to the Procurator Fiscal of the County of Kincardine, who will immediately send forward the person robbed, in order to see if he can identify him.

In case any of the accomplices shall come forward, and discover the others concerned in said Robbery, application will be made for his Majesty's Royal clemency to him, and he will be entitled to the foresaid Reward, upon conviction of the others concerned therein.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 20th January 1813.

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