3 May 2012

Rothes Kirk Session Minutes, 3rd May 1812

Session met & c.  Annent Joseph Mcdonald and Margt. Mantoch under Citation to this Diet, they were called, Margt. Mantoch compeared, and adhered to her former confession, the Man compeared not, Confessed also Ann Mantoch under citation, as a Witness in the above Cause, aged thirty three, and being purg[e]d of Mallice & partial Counsel, and being solemnly sworn, deponed that upon the Bridge of Spey, in a conference betwixt Joseph McDonald, and her Sister, the said Joseph McDonald declared, he would acknowledge to be Father of her Child, if it came to his time, he also said he would be damned the day he would refuse his own and depones this is the truth, and as She cannot write, impowers the Moderator to subscribe her Deposition, he hand touching the Pen.  As the Man had not compeared the Session thought proper to defer the Matter for some time.

Rothes Kirk Session Register, 1812 (NAS Reference: CH2/600/4)
Kirk Session Registers are available to search at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh and at local archives throughout Scotland.

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