26 June 2011

Strichen farms and crofts to let


The under-mentioned Possessions on the ESTATE of STRICHEN, are to be LET, and entered to at Whitsunday 1812.

Possessions                                                  Present Tenants.             Arable Acres     Pasture Acres

WHITEHILL,                                                James Forrest,                about 100           200
MIDDLETHIRD,                                          John Greig,                      about 125           16
HILLHEAD,                                                 George Pirie,                    about 75             26
BLACKSLACK and                            }
LITTLE MAINS OF KINDROUGHT,}       George Watt,                   about 100           26
Part of NEWMILL,                                       John Cumine,         }        About 7
Do. BURNSHANGIE,                                  Widow Robertson, }        Acres
Do. WAUKMILL,                                         James Sim             }        each

These Possessions consist of a considerable proportion of good land, are within a very short distance of the populous Village of Mormond, and also of an excellent Lime Quarry.

The Ground Officer will shew the Farms, and John Anderson, Factor on the Estate, will inform as to other particulars, to whom offers are to be made.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th June, 1811.

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