6 February 2011

Narrow Escape at Forglen

NARROW ESCAPE.    Upon Saturday last, a boy in attempting to cross Deveron upon the ice at Forglen House, fell through, and became immediately suspended by the arms ; and what tended to make his situation truly perilous was, his great distance from either side – the depth of the river being nearly about seven feet, and the frail and incoherent state of the ice all around him.  But, owing to the prompt measures recommended by the young Ladies at the first moment of alarm, and the exertions of the servants, a rope was at last conveyed to him ; which having tied round his waist, he was dragged to the shore to the inexpressible joy of every person present.  It is highly deserving of notice, that when the case was appearing hopeless, and the poor boy beginning to despond, one of the young Ladies offered to go out and hand the rope to him, having another fixed to herself in case of the ice giving way – a striking proof of that availing principle of humanity which so much distinguishes the family of Forglen.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 6th February, 1811.

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