6 February 2011

Farm & Mill in Kincardineshire To Let

To be Let for Nine Years from Whitsunday first.
THE FARM of MEIKLE FIDDES, and the MILL of BADIESMILL, with the Multures thereof, situated in the Parish of Arbuthnot, and County of Kincardine, as possessed by the Heirs of the late JOHN NAPIER.

The Ground to be Let consists of One Hundred Acres Arable, and above Forty-seven Acres Meadow Land, with an excellent Peat Moss.  The arable ground is a deep black loam, mostly infield ; is in high order, well adapted for raising Barley, Oats, Turnips, and Grass.  Two-fifth parts are now lying in sown Grass.  The Farm is situated above five miles from the town and harvour of Stonehaven ; the turnpike road to which passes through the Farm.  There is a comfortable Dwelling-House, with a substantial steading of Offices.  The incoming tenant can have the crop which will on the ground at Whitsunday, by valuation if he inclines.

For particulars, enquire at Mr Robert Wyllie, at Gyratsmyre, or Mr Robert Crabb, at Pitforthie, neighbouring tenants ; and James Christie, the Overseer, will show the ground.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal on Wednesday 6th February, 1811.

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