11 December 2010


The Miln, with the Multures, and Milntown of GOLLOCHY, as presently possest by Robert Murdoch, for a period of 19 years after Whitsunday next. -  The Miln is well frequented, and a tenant of capital and industry may keep her fully employed, in manufacturing Grain for the consumpt of the adjoining populous fishing towns of Buckie, Port Gordon, and others, from whence there is a constant demand for Meal.

The Milntown contains about 24 acres of excellent arable land, with nearly 8 acres of rich pasture grass, along the miln burn, &c.  All of which may be rendered most productive by the use of lime, now found at the place, and by the command of fisher's dung, and seaware, in the immediate neighbourhood.

Offers, in writing, may be made to Thomas Sellar, Writer in Elgin, between [now] and the 1st of March next; on which day attendance will be given at the Milntown to conclude a bargain.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th December, 1810.

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