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1 December 2013

Horse theft in Fyvie

FROM ANDREW SHIRRAN, near Towie, in the parish of Fyvie, on the night between the 11th and 12th November, a Brown middle-sized HORSE, with a switch tail, and half long mane; has a few white hairs in the rose on his face; also a ratch on the far hind hip below the hurkle; and a little crooked on the near fore foot; was never shod on the hind feet; also there was taken with him, a COLLAR and HARNESS, with long slings.  On the same night, a Blue painted CART, with Red Shafts, was carried off from the neighbourhood, supposed by the same person.

Whoever can give such information as may be the means of detecting the offenders, will be handsomely rewarded on application to the Proprietor, or to Wm. Irvine, Esq. Towie, by Turriff.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 1st December 1813.

23 December 2012

Prizewinning Buchan ploughmen

BUCHAN PLOUGHING MATCH. - On Friday, the 11th inst. the Competition for the Premiums given by the Highland Society of Scotland to the best Ploughmen, took place in a Field at Aberdour House, before a Committee of the Society, and a number of Proprietors and respectable Farmers of the District.  At 11 o'clock, on a signal being given by the Convenor, Twenty-Four Ploughs started, one of which was drawn by Oxen; and the Work being finished, the Judges, after examining every Lot in the most careful manner, awarded the Premiums as follows, to the satisfaction of all present:

No. I - Being Three Guineas, and one of the Society's Medals - to David Cunningham, Servant to Mr Ross, in Tyrie.

No. II - Two Guineas and the other Silver Medal - to William Club, Servant to the Revd Mr Craik.

No. III - Two Guineas, to James Pirie - Servant to Mr Paton, in Towie.

No. IV. - One Guinea and a Half - to William Brown, Servant to Mr Gamack, Coburty.

No V. - One Guinea - to William Duncan, junior, in Killiewharp.

No. VI. - Half a Guinea - to William Grant, senior, Servant to Mr Ross, in Mains of Tyrie.

A liberal Subscription was made for the unsuccessful Candidates, to encourage them to future exertions in the most laudable of all undertakings; and the afternoon passed in the greatest harmony, an excellent Entertainment having provided, by Mr Cowie, from Rosehearty.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd December 1812.

29 July 2012

Fire at Kinbattoch, Towie

A most alarming and destructive fire happened lately in the parish of Towie, which burnt to the ground a fine square of Offices, consisting of the Kiln and Barn, Stables, Byres, Cart-shade, &c. belonging to Mr Meston, Farmer at Kinbattoch.  The fire was not discovered until the flames had got to such a height that all attempts to arrest their progress proved fruitless; and so rapidly did the devouring element spread, that the whole was soon consumed, the roofs of the several buildings, covered with slate, being of the best resinous Highland fir wood, tending to strengthen the conflagration. - Seven fine Cows and a Bull fell victims to the flames, and by their dreadful bellowing and noise, added to the awfulness of the scene: two of them were got out alive by a passenger, with great hazard to himself, but both died afterwards.  A variety of Farming Utensils, Cloaths, &c. were consumed; as also, a considerable quantity of Grain, part of it on the Kiln, which, being overheated, is supposed to have occasioned the accident.  Fortunately the men servants, who were accustomed to sleep in the lofts near the Kiln, were at the time engaged as Local Militiamen, otherwise the consequences might have been more tragical.  Mr Meston's loss, we regret to learn, is very great, as none of the premises were insured; but it was prevented from being still more considerable, by the accidental circumstances of his Horses, and some other Cattle, being neglected to be taken from the grass parks the night the fire happened.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 29th July, 1812.