23 December 2018


ON the Evening of Saturday last, the 19th inst. JOHN GARDEN, HUGH ROSS, and JOHN INGRAM, Prisoners in the Tolbooth of Banff, accused of different crimes, made their escape therefrom.

A description of these persons is subjoined, and the Magistrates of Banff request, that all Peace Officers, &c. will use every means in their power to apprehend these persons, and a handsome REWARD will be paid for the taking of all or any of these persons.


John Garden is a native of Bogfouton, in the parish of Auchterless; he is about 25 years of age, nearly six feet high, slender, but stout, and had on a Tartan Coat and Vest, (prevailing colour, green) and highland bonnet.

Hugh Ross, is a native of Ross-shire, parish of Kincardine, and worked some time at the new harbour of Peterhead. - He is aged about 24, sallow complexion, about 5 Feet 4 Inches high, and had on a light or middle blue short Coat, and blue Vest and Pantaloons - no Hat; he carried off a Bundle, containing a Blanket, &c. when he made his escape.

John Ingram, was formerly a merchant at Deskie, in Glenlivet, and is well known in Aberdeen.  He is aged about or upwards of 40 years, very sallow complexion, about 5 Feet 6 Inches high, and had on a short light gray Coat, a little ragged; grey Vest ragged; Corduroy Pantaloons, and a round Hat. - He carried off a black and red checked plaid, and a bundle containing a Blanket.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 23rd December 1818.

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