4 March 2018

Kincardineshire farm leases


To be let for 19 years, from Whitsunday first,

THE FARM of LITTLE BARRAS, occupied by John Kennedy, in the parish of Kineff, consisting of about 65 acres of arable, and 45 acres of uncultivated ground; the arable is good early dry soil, capable of bearaing any kind of grain and green crops; the Steading is centrical, and the Dwelling House slated.  As also the Farm of LEYS of BARRAS adjoining, in the parish of Arbuthnot, possessed by John Clerk, consisting of upwards of 150 acres arable, and 55 of pasture.  If desired, this farm will be divided, the west division to consist of about 100 arable acres, and the east of about 50.  And also, the Croft of LITTLE BARRAS, occupied by George Burnet's Heirs, consisting of nearly 2 acres arable, and 2 1/2 acres of pasture.

Offers will be received by Andrew Jopp, Advocate in Aberdeen, till Saturday the 28th March, when these Farms will be let, at Mill Inn of Stonehaven, at 10 o'clock forenoon.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 4th March 1818.

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