30 July 2017

Old Adam's Operative Gardener Lodge

On Monday the 21st curt. was held here the Annual Meeting of Old Adam's Operative Gardener Lodge; after going through the ordinary business, and settling their accounts, the Judges awarded the Prizes as follows:-  The First, to Thomas Milne, Sunnyside, for a Seedling Carnation; the Second, to Alex. Mennie, Hardgate, for a Seedling Pink; the Third, to George Reid, Hardgate, for a Seedling Sweet-William; the Fourth, to John Fowlie, Hazelhead, for the best Melon; and the Fifth to John Cadenhead, jun, Strawberry-bank, for the best Brace of Cucumbers; the Sixth Prize, being for Cauliflower, was not gained.  The members then unanimously re-elected the following Office-bearers:-

Thomas Milne, treasurer; William Taylor, secretary; James Reid, Alex. Black, key-bearers; George Reid, Alex. Rennie, Robert Smith, counsellors; John Roy, jun. James Hogg, stewards; Alex. Diack, clerk; and James Findlay, officer.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 30th July 1817.

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