26 February 2017

Theft committed by James Brown

About a fortnight ago, a man from Stonehaven or its vicinity, whose name is James Brown, and who contrives to pass for a fool, went in the silence of the night into two houses in the parish of Banchory Devenick, the doors of which he found open, stole to the bedsides of several persons asleep, searched their clothes, and abstracted from their Pockets about Four Pounds Sterling, with several snuff-boxes, pen-knives, &c.  He was next day traced to a public-house at no great distance, accused of the theft, avowed it, and gave up the trinkets with what part of the money he had not dissipated.  Against such an artful depredator the public should be put on their guard:  He is a stout middle-aged man, and when he committed the above theft, wore a short coat and kelt, with a showy highland bonnet - he sometimes appears in a soldier's coat, with side arms.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th February 1817.

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