20 November 2016

Accidental death of John Smith

We are extremely concerned, to state, that on Tuesday morning, the 12th instant, Mr JOHN SMITH, a man of the most respectable character, who has for many years acted as Manager of the Printing Works of Messrs. Gordon, Barron, & Co. lost his life, by falling in to one of the Canals on their premises at Woodside.  He had risen very early, and after having been employed for some time in the Counting House, had gone to draw some water, for the purpose, as is supposed, of washing himself.  By the extreme force of the current acting powerfully on the vessel he had used, together with the slippery state of the ground, he must have been instantaneously dragged into the Canal, and from thence, most unfortunately carried to the River. The strictest search has been made, and is still making, for the body, but as yet without success.  - The above account differs in some respects from that given in a contemporary print; but we are authorised to say, this statement is correct.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 20th November 1816.

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