16 October 2016

Easter Kirktown, Skene

In the Parish of Skene, to Let.

EASTER KIRKTOWN, at present possessed by Robert Wylie, is to be let for such number of years as may be agreed upon.  The Skene turnpike passes thro' it, between 8 and 9 miles from Aberdeen.  The soil is early, and well adapted for bringing up weighty crops of Wheat, Barley, and Turnip. - Having been 23 years in the Proprietor's possession, he spared no pains in fencing it, and bringing it into high cultivation.  - The farm consists of upwards of 100 Acres, enclosed in 24 fields, with water mostly in each, fit for grazing Cattle.

There is a good Dwelling House, and Steading of Offices, consisting of 2 Barns, 4 Byres, a Stable, and Grain Lofts.  If the taxman should require more land, he may have from 30 to 40 acres additional.  The Lands are bound to no Mill, and there is plenty of Moss attached to them.  It is seldom that such a farm is to be met with.  Entry at Martinmas 1816.

Enquire at Wm. Knowles, Virginia-street.

Charles Belmerick, at Kirktown of Skene, will shew the farm.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 16th October 1816.

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