26 June 2016

Public roup of Monquhitter properties


On Friday the 5th day of July next, at 6 o'clock afternoon, there will be exposed to sale by public roup, within the New Inn, Aberdeen,

THE LANDS and ESTATE of ASLEID, lying in the Parish of Monquhitter, and County of Aberdeen, containing 236 acres, and at present let to sundry Tenants for £73.

As also, the 5th Lot of the  LANDS of GREENS, in the same Parish, possessed by John Kennedy and others, containing 138 acres, and renting about £40.

These lands will be sold together, or separately.  They are for the most part arable; capable of great improvement, and well supplied with moss; on Asleid, there is a tolerable Mansion-house, and some Wood.  At the expiry of the leases, more than double rent will be got for some of the possessions, and a great increase on the others.

The lands hold of subjects superior; the public burdens are trifling, and a considerable part of the price may remain in the purchaser's hands for years.

The title deeds and plans of both properties, are in the hands of William Stuart, Advocate in Aberdeen, to whom application may be made for further particulars; John Donald at Asleid, and James Milne at Greens, will point out the boundaries.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 26th June 1816.

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