19 June 2016

Friendly Societies

The Tarland Wright Friendly Society held their General Annual Meeting at Tarland, on Friday the 31st May, when after examining the state of their funds, which they found in a flourishing condition, they elected unanimously the following Office-bearers, viz.:-

John Skene, Depute-Master;
William Donaldson, treasurer; William Nicol, boxmaster; John Clerk, and John Archie, stewards; Alexander Esson, William Muie, William McCondach, John Middleton, and Alexander Thomson, assessors; Arthur Reid, clerk; John Clerk, officer.

Office-bearers of the Dyer Society, Newbridge, 11th June, 1816, viz.:-

Alexander Machray, Depute-Master;
George Gordon, treasurer; Gilbert Smith, secretary, George Wood, William Fettes, and William Mutch, key-bearers; John Silver, and William Matthews, stewards, George Duncan, James Duncan, Robert Machray, James Greig, George Dunbar, and George Christie, counsellors; William Troup, clerk; William Still, officer.

At Kincardine O'Niel, June 3, 1816, was held the Annual General Meeting of the Kincardine O'Niel Farmer Friendly Society; after collecting the Quarter Pennies, they proceeded to examine into the Society's Funds, which they found in a very flourishing condition.  They then proceeded to elect Office-bearers and Managers, to conduct the business of the Society for the ensuing year, when the following were elected, viz.:-

David Alexander, Vice-President;
Alexander Gordon, treasurer; Dr. Sherriffs, and Charles Wilson, assessors, James Clark, Andrew Adam, James Forbes, and John Smith, stewards; Charles Ewen, and Robert Cromar, key-bearers; Alexander Ross, clerk; John Brown, officer.

Inverury, 5th June, 1816.
The Male and Female Friendly Society held their Second Annual General Meeting in the Town Hall here this day.  After collecting the half yearly payments, and settling the accounts of the Society, which was found in a very flourishing condition, they consisting of nearly 300 Members, of which about one half are Females, and, who by the Rules not only attend, but vote at Elections; when there were elected for the ensuing year:-

JAMES NICOL, President,
James Smith, Vice-President;
Alexander Anderson, treasurer; James Philip, boxmaster; John Bannerman, secretary; and for directors William Moir, Robert Anderson, George Anderson, Peter Wyness, George Lyon, John Skene, George Russell, and William Anderson; George Taylor, clerk; and John Cocker, officer.

The Society concluded the evening with a Ball, conducted with great harmony and decorum, and kept up to a late hour with much spirit and glee.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 19th June 1816.

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