10 January 2016

Fatal accident: George Allardyce, shipmaster

On Friday the 29th ult. a party of four men went from Macduff, to have some sport in shooting sea fowls among the rocks about three miles distant, when one of them, Mr George Allardyce, shipmaster, while in the act of loading his gun on the top of a tremendous cliff, slipping his foot, fell some hundred feet to the foot of the rock.  His companions hastened to the spot to render their friend any possible assistance, but they found him speechless, and his skull fractured in a shocking manner; he was immediately placed on the back of one of the party, but life was extinct before the bearer could reach the summit of the awful precipice, which he accomplished with difficulty.  Captain Allardyce has left a widow and eight children to deplore his melancholy fate, and that premature death which he had, in the course of his maritime life, three times escaped, having as often suffered shipwreck.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 10th January 1816.

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