2 November 2014

John Henderson, Rothiemay


THOSE having Claims against JOHN HENDERSON, in Sheel parks of Rothiemay, are requested to lodge the same, legally vouched, betwixt and the 15th day of November current, with William Innes, Auctioneer in Netherdale; or John Wilson, in Milltown of Rothiemay: - - With certification to those who fail to comply with this intimation, that they shall receive no part of the Banrkupt's funds.  Those who have not paid in the amount of their bills and accompts due the said John Henderson, at the time of his bankruptcy, are desired to pay the same to John Wilson, before the said 15th of November, as a meeting of the whole Creditors is desired that day, at Milltown of Rothiemay, to receive their proportions.

[Not to be repeated]

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 2nd November 1814.

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