12 October 2014

James Diack, William Strath, John Mowat

A complaint by the Procurator Fiscal, was lately brought before the Justices of the Peace, against James Diack, in Warthill, parish of Rayne, and William Strath and John Mowat, in the parish of Fyvie, for a violent assault, battery, and breach of the peace, at and immediately after the Inverury Market, in September last - in particular, for breaking the windows of William Maitland; striking and abusing William Shand, and his wife; and for striking and maltreating George Cowie, keeper of Drimmies toll-bar - all which would have been completely established by a number of witnesses.  But the Defenders having, immediately upon being cited, made the fullest recompence to the parties injured; and having also come to town, acknowledging these offences, and thrown themselves upon the mercy of the Court; the Justices were, on this occasion, disposed to cause the Fiscal drop further proceedings, on his receiving payment of the expenses incurred.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 12th October 1814.

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