27 April 2014

Court of Justiciary Trials (1)

On Monday last, the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened here by the Right Hon. Lords JUSTICE CLERK and SUCCOTH.

The Court began with the trial of JAMES FARQUHAR, late flesher in Huntly, accused of stealing a considerable sum of money from the haversack of John Rose, private in the Aberdeenshire Militia.  It appeared in evidence, that Rose met with the pannel at Bainshole, on their way to Aberdeen, and kept company together to the end of their journey.  On their arrival in Aberdeen, they went to the same lodgings, and slept in the same bed.  Early in the succeeding morning, Farquhar rose and left the house; and Rose having reason to suspect him, got up and examined his haversack, when he found that his money to the amount of about L. 20, had been abstracted and carried off.  A good deal of evidence was heard, in order to bring the crime home to the pannel, particularly as to identifying the notes, and that the pannel employed some person the same morning, to change the small notes for L. 5 ones.  After an excellent charge by the Lord Justice Clerk, the jury were enclosed, and appointed to return their verdict on Tuesday morning.

Counsel for the Crown, Mr CLEPHANE, Advocate-Depute; - for the prisoner, Mr GORDON.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 27th April 1814.

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