30 March 2014

Fyvie Farms and Crofts


PART of the Estate of FYVIE, in the parish of Fyvie, and county of Aberdeen.

Entry at Whitsunday 1814.

HADDO, at present occupied by the Proprietor.
DARNABO, occupied by the late John Craig.
Croft of DITTO, James Mackie.
Croft of DITTO, called BLUEHILL, James Brown.
MILL of SAPHOCK, James Skene.
BRIDGEND, the late Mrs Hay.

Entry at Whitsunday 1815.

LEWES of FYVIE, James Milne.
Two Crofts on MAINS of FYVIE, J. Brown and Widow Robertson.
Three Crofts on PETERWELL, W. Simpson, Jas. Milne, and J. Wilson.
Two Crofts on PARKBURN, A. Duncan and J. Murray.
Five Crofts on HILLHEAD, A. Petrie, J. Robertson, W. Bremner, and G. Drum.
MILL of ARDLOGIE, Wm. Pratt.
PART of PARKBURN, Andrew Reid.
MILL of TIFTIE, P. Cowison.
TIFTIE, Ditto.
Croft of DITTO, called TILLYFARR, As. Scott.
Croft of DITTO, called WHITERASHES, Wm. Renny.
RODS, P. Cowison.
Three Crofts on GOURDAS, J. Clark, J. Smith, and J. Rennie.
REEMSHILL, J. Hunter, Al. Pratt, J. Rennie, John Rennie, Jas. Wilson, and William Duguid.
NETHER CAMMALOWN, John and James Cowison.
HILL of PETTY, Geo. Duguid.
WAULKMILL, W. Mathieson.
Part of COWHILL, W. Cran.
Three Crofts in CLAYLATCH, James Reith and others.
PART of BOGHEAD, Al. Strath.
Three Crofts on CROSS of JACKSTON, A. Aiken and J. Mowat.

The above Farms and Crofts have been all newly arranged, so as to make them more convenient for tenants than formerly, are are free of all multure and mill services.  They are of an early and grateful soil, and capable of much improvement; and the Farms being in general of great extent, merit the attention of farmers of skill and capital, to whom good encouragement will be given.  The Crofts are mostly situated in the vicinity of the Church of Fyvie, in a populous and pleasant part of the country; and being well accommodated with fuel, are excellent situations for tradesmen and labourers, to whom, if well recommended, a preference will be given.

LEWES of FYVIE has been for many years established as an INN, being in a very centrical situation, upon the side of the turnpike road, half way between Old Meldrum and Turriff, and also upon the great cross road communicating between Buchan and the Garioch; and having a convenient small Farm, of about 25 acres of excellent land, attached to it.  So eligible a situation for a country Innkeeper is very rarely to be met with.

The Mills of Tiftie and Rothiebrisbane have convenient small Farms attached to them, and being situated in the heart of a fertile country, with a great command of water, are certain of good employment at all seasons; and Millers, properly recommended, who understand the drying and manufacturing grain, as practised in other places, will find them well worth their attention.  It being proposed not to continue the Mill of Ardlogie, as a Corn Mill, it would be an excellent situation for a dyer, or any country trade which requires machinery and a command of water.  The Estate has the advantage of being intersected by the turnpike road leading from Aberdeen to Banff, and at a convenient distance from both these places, where there are ready markets for the produce, and a constant supply of lime and coals.

The above Farms and Crofts will be let, at Fyvie Castle, upon Friday the 15th day of April curt.; and in the mean time, application may be made for further particulars, to the Proprietor, to Mr Hay of Monkshill, his Factor; or Charles Chalmers, advocate in Aberdeen; and William Urquhart, Ground-Officer at Fyvie, will point out the Grounds.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 30th March 1814.

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