30 March 2014

Breach of agreement by salmon fisher

Last week, a man of the name of Alexr. Milne was brought before the Justices of the Peace at Fochabers, on a complaint at the instance of the Tacksman of the Spey Fishings, for breach of agreement, having on various frivolous pretences, refused to enter into his service, as a Salmon Fisher, though regularly engaged for this season; and the complaint having been clearly established, the Justices ordained him to enter to and implement his service; and failing thereof, granted warrant for imprisoning him, till he found caution to that effect.  They also found him liable in damages and expences to the complainers.  It is hope this will prove a salutary example to others, as a disregard of engagements of this sort has become too common among persons hired as Salmon Fishers, to the great inconveniency and loss of their employers.

Published in the Aberdeen Journal, Wednesday 30th March 1814.

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